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Character Sheet #10: Sarah Les Whitmen

Name: Sarah Les Whitmen

Alias: Blackout

Alignment: Neutral Good/Neutral Evil


Species: Human

Age: 24

Personality: Observant, Pragmatic, Thoughtful, Curious, Quiet, Cynical, Hedonistic and Sadomasochistic

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Aromantic Graysexual

Pronouns: She/Her

Formerly: FBI Agent
Currently: Mercenary/Hitman/Information Broker


Pistol Handguns:

Dual Daggers:

•Supernatural Gunmanship
•Supernatural Accuracy
•Supernatural Precision
•Supernatural Combat
•Supernatural Unarmed Combat
•Supernatural Condition (Type III)
•Killing Intuition
•Killing Intent
•Tranquil Fury
•Intimidation Intuition
•Negotiation Intuition
•Business Intuition
•Information Brokering Intuition
•Interrogation Intuition
•Crime Mastery
•Criminology Intuition
•Menacing Presence
•Dual Wielding
•Gun Kata
•Bullet Manipulation
•Bullet Generation
•Bullet Hell
•Bullet Propulsion
•Bullet Projection
•Bullet Redirection
•Knife Proficiency
•Knife Manipulation
•Knife Creation
•Gladiokinetic Combat
•Knife Teleportation
•Darkness Manipulation
•Umbrakinetic Immunity
•Darkness Adaptation
•Shadow Stealth
•Shadow Generation
•Darkness Solidification
•Umbrakinetic Constructs
•Shadow Absorption
•Umbrakinetic Flight
•Darkness Teleportation
•Dark Portal Creation
•Darkness Aura
•Darkness Attacks
•Umbrakinetic Combat
•Darkness Mimicry
•Darkness Healing
•Black Flame Manipulation
•Black Fire Generation
•Umbra-Pyrokinetic Constructs

Grand: N/A

Tekc(s): N/A

Tag Combo(s): N/A

•Light can counter her Darkness
•Cannot use any of her Darkness Powers on anyone with Umbrakinetic Immunity
•White Fire can counter her Black Fire
•Those with Bulletproof Durability are immune/highly resistant to her Bullet and Gun Powers
•Those with more powerful Powers than her and/or at Absolute Condition can defeat her easily
•Those with Indomitable Will, Pyschic Shield and/or Pyschic Immunity are immune/resistant to her Menacing Presence
•Those with Fear Masking or Fearlessness are immune/resistant to her Intimidation Intuition, Interrogation Intuition and/or Menacing Presence
•Suffers from unhealable injuries on her legs she gained when she was younger, which causes her to limp
•Mentioning her parents will anger her severely, while mentioning her brother will annoy her

Backstory: Born to a wealthy Hitmen family, Sarah’s life was always grim from the beginning. As the youngest of the family, she was constantly overshadowed by her brother Justin, who always got what he wanted. Her mother would always be with Justin, while her father..well, he’d stay near her to train her in the art of Firearms. At the age of 9 and after accidentally shooting him in the foot, Sarah’s father brutally beated and shot at her, while her mother and Justin just watched and played together. Once her father finally left her alone, she felt a surge of rage. Throughout that same year, she’d sneak into her parents’ bedroom and watch the most inhumane movies she could find without adult supervision, always managing to hide her tracks. That’s when she got a twisted idea. At the age of 10 and the day before her brother’s birthday, she killed both her parents with the Dual Pistols she still has today, managing to kill them, skin and kill her family’s cat, tear off her parents’ clothes, throw them in the bloody bathtub, hide the dead cat and walk back to her room with little evidence. Once Justin—followed by the police—found the bodies, Sarah and Justin were taken care of by Ivan and Zuri, who became her father and mother figures. With new guardians came new lessons to learn, though not all of them were easy. Sarah and her brother grew distant, especially when she joined the FBI with the help of Cassandra at the age of only 16. 2 years of training passed by..when she was incapacitated, kidnapped and taken all the way to Suriname, South America. This is where she was tortured and beated so much that her legs were severely injured beyond any healing. After 49 days, the FBI finally found her and—after a long hospital visit—returned to Baltimore and reunited with Cassandra and Justin, who had also joined the FBI. The day when she was finally able to limp around, she quit her job and became a Mercenary, Hitman and Information Broker. She began to work alongside the Black Market and several Mafias, even working with the Yakuza for a brief time. One day, a Mafia member gave her Dark and Physical Mutations in order for her to become stronger..and Sarah took 7 of each Mutation. Now—many years later—still in Baltimore, Sarah now hides from the FBI while maintaining her relationships with her new girlfriend Diana, her parental figures and her job. All while never admitting to the crime she’d committed so long ago that led her down a criminal path.

Extra Info:
•She’s 5’10 in height.
•She has an older brother named Justin. She doesn’t talk about him much.
•Though she and Diana are dating, she’s not quite sure yet if she wants to take the relationship further.
•To this day, nobody knows that she murdered her parents. She plans to keep it that way.
•She’s well known for “uncensoring” things, as she occasionally will give information about those who’ve died to the family and/or friends of that victim. Because of this, she’s wanted by all different types of government officials.
•She’s purposefully desensitized herself to things that one may not find interesting, such as disturbing movies and even real-life murders that are usually banned from being seen. She did this so she can freely discuss these topics without an issue.
•”You think I’m remotely scared of getting caught? No. I’ve covered my tracks, hired the best Hitmen to kill my stalkers and made my identity nothing. Not even who I’ve killed is public to your pathetically weak eyes.”
•Theme: Welcome To My House and Gasoline

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