Character Sheets

Nikki Capello: Character Sheet

Name: Nikki Capello Age: 20 Sex: Female Height: 5’11 Weight: 130 lbs Body type: slim Hair Color: blonde Eye Color: blue Hair type: long, wavy Skin tone: tan Facial Hair: N/A Piercings: ears Race: Caucasian Nationality: Italian Birthplace: Florence, Italy Citizenship: Italy, United States Languages: English, Italian Religion: N/A Strengths: intelligent, rich family Weaknesses: weak […]

Original Characters

Mr. Barker

            Everyone knows the story of Chubby Pup Charlie; the loveable yellow lab puppy with a few extra pounds on him. But few know about the Barker family. Some would say that Patrick is the head of the household, others would point toward his witty son, Nathan, but how did […]