Character Sheets

Nikki Capello: Character Sheet

Name: Nikki Capello

Age: 20

Sex: Female

Height: 5’11

Weight: 130 lbs

Body type: slim

Hair Color: blonde

Eye Color: blue

Hair type: long, wavy

Skin tone: tan

Facial Hair: N/A

Piercings: ears

Race: Caucasian

Nationality: Italian

Birthplace: Florence, Italy

Citizenship: Italy, United States

Languages: English, Italian

Religion: N/A

Strengths: intelligent, rich family

Weaknesses: weak physically, quiet

Turn ons: Intelligence, shyness

Turn offs: rudeness, obnoxiousness

Bad Habits: lying

Fears: becoming to involved in family business

Sexual Orientation: bisexual

Marital Status: unmarried

Children: none

Mother: Margaret Capello (deceased)

Father: Freddy Capello

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