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The Association of Super Beings and Extraordinary Humans: Chapter 7

My first day went pretty well don’t you think? I’d already been accepted and took down a villain that not even someone like Tyler could and he’s got years upon years worth of experience. He’s good at what he does honestly and most of that involves leading us. So when I got a call from him a few days afterwards, I didn’t hesitate to listen to every word he said. He told me that I’d be moving to one of the on site recruit living spaces. There’d be my group, Team Spark he called it, living with me too since we’re all under his instruction and another group with us. The official name is LL-65 I think but Spark sounds way cooler. The other group was lead by none other than Mama Glam and King Steel; Team Hyperion. But I had a day to pack my stuff and get over there as quick as I could. When it comes to rooms, first come first served. I didn’t take much, since I don’t really own a lot. An xbox, few games other essentials like clothes, books. I had it all packed within two hours I think, with some help from my Aunt Patti. When it was time for me to leave, she gave me a kiss on the cheek and wished me good luck, trying everything she could to stall me in the meantime. “and you make sure to tell your friends about this place! Hero discount!” I laughed as I put my boxes of stuff in the back of Tylers sweet car. Oh yeah I forgot to mention, you get paid quite a bit for being a hero. It is a job after all, but it’s mostly sought after for the money or the fame. There’s nothing wrong with either of those things but some could at least tone it down every once in a while you know? Show some class every now and then. Anyway, the car ride over there was pretty pleasant. We talked about his sweet as hell car and the old days. When we were kids and such. There goes Thunder and Lightning and all that. Tyler even told me the reason he dyed his hair bright blue;

“If fits with the whole lighting theme I’m going for you know?”

“Yeah, and as a plus, you look like a reverse smurf. Better yet! Smurfette!”

“Don’t bring that back please”

I spent the last ten minutes of the journey laughing hysterically at his old nickname. People called him Smurfette because one time, I tricked him into thinking it was a fancy dress day and I was gonna be a smurf so I needed a smurfette. Somehow I talked him into it and sure enough he turned up to school the very next day. The look on his face was absolutely fucking priceless! I even still have the picture! When we got there, Fe and Kyle were already waiting outside the place. And I gotta say, it looked awesome. For a multiple person living space. But still it looked cozy as hell and honestly, that’s what I like. Axel and Johnny came back a few minutes later, carrying as many snacks and drinks as they could “you gotta stock up before anyone else can. It shows dominance” Axel said, quickly walking back inside. The four of us outside looked at each other, just shrugged since in the few minutes three of had known Axel this was no surprise. None at all. The inside of the place was even cozier than the outside looked. There was an open common area with a cool fireplace. It was all well lit and god damn looking at it made me wanna sleep. Just thinking about it makes me want to sleep! Though right now I don’t live there anymore. I miss it sometimes; I had good memories of that place. Anyway, I made sure to pick my room with a good view of the city. I liked looking at it during the night when I can’t sleep. Always have done. My mum used to tell me stories while we watched the lights go out, one by one. Wonder how she’s doing….

Suddenly there was a knock at my door that startled me out of my memories. “Come on in” I shouted and to my surprise, Felicity walked in, dressed in sweatpants and a shirt. Obviously she must have changed since after all, we live here now; each to their own. “Hey ummm…I just wanted to say…t-thanks…for stopping that Bulwark from crushing me…” she sounded nervous. Like she was talking to a parent or someone she had a crush on. At the time, I assumed the former, “hey it’s nothing. Gotta look out for every one right?” She nodded and before she left she asked a pretty personal question that caught me a little off guard.

“Why do you do that?”

“Do what?”

“Just charge in like that. First with the bots and the Bulwark, then with the villain yesterday in the atrium. It feels like you just wanna get yourself killed”

That took me a moment to think about. Did it really seem like that? I’d never even considered that it might seem that way. I didn’t want to tell her outright of the life I used to lead, but I told her what made me do this in the first place.

“I used to have a girlfriend. Well, fianceé I guess at this point. She was….villains got her….”

I had to take a second to compose myself. It wasn’t more than a year or two after it happened and honestly even now. It hurts. It hurts more than any pain I’ve ever felt. And that was my answer.

“I wasn’t fast enough to save her. I knew I wasn’t strong enough either. Losing her… nothing has been more painful than that. So I charge in because if I don’t, then it’ll be her all over again for someone else. And I’m not gonna let that happen.”

She stared at me, and looked like she was about to burst into tears. I felt quite guilty, since I didn’t mean to make her sad or anything; I just wanted to answer her question. But she nodded, seemingly satisfied with the answer and asked me, “you wanna come sit with us? We’re gonna have a first night here get together thingie.” I thought for a few seconds and made a pretty quick decision.

“Yeah okay. It’ll be sweet to get to know you all”
And while wearing a smile, we left to sit in the common area with the rest of em and then I felt it. That feeling I really, really hoped I’d never feel for anyone else. Did I….

No. No I couldn’t have done. But I’m pretty sure you can figure out what I mean. I’ll give a hint.
It starts with L and rhymes with bike.

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