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The Association of Super Beings and Extraordinary Humans: Chapter 6

might have visibly shown my disappointment when I found out it was just Thrash. He had somehow managed to burrow his way from the sewers and into the HQ. I mean from the size of him it was entirely possible but the size of his brain? Yeah, nah. Good thing a lot of pros who turned up felt the same way. This wasn’t no accident and Thrash? Well, nuclear radiation fucks with your mind in all kinds of ways. He’s not the brightest star in the sky is what I’m trying to say here but goddamn is he strong. And practically unstoppable. Like nigh unstoppable. If I recall, and im pulling right from the records we have here ‘his body has taken in so much radiation that it has adapted an unbelievable ability to regenerate lost or damaged tissue and even bone matter’. So yeah, not a lot of things work. But I had a plan you know, since I’d been tracking these guys down for while, mostly from memory of the night Alice was taken from me. And my plan was gonna work. I didn’t if I died right then and there, my plan would work dammit!

But the pros had locked us recruits out of the atrium. I get why, obviously. Real villains weren’t like robots in the sense that they were mostly unpredictable and could change their game plan at any point they wanted to. Especially when they were as crazy as Thrash. “Dammit!!!” I was screaming it over and over trying to pry open the door to no avail. Whatever those doors were made of, I wasn’t tough enough to knock em down. The others were there with me, probably wondering what they hell was going on with me. “What’s your problem?” Johnny was the one to ask me. I felt like turning around and undercutting his pretty boy look right off his dumb face (though I don’t think that anymore. Not often anyway) I figured that wouldn’t help. So I explained as best I could “that big green asshat and me have business to take care of. And this DOOR. WON’T. OPEN!!!” I slammed into it some more and I still wouldn’t budge. “Look at the size of him! You wouldn’t last a minute in there. Just rest easy, our instructor has this” Fe of course tried to talk to me but I wasn’t listening. All I could see was that smile of his. As I held Alice on the street where she fell. As I looked up and saw that fucking sick grin he had. The only thing that snapped me out of that trance was surprisingly, Kyle. He had begun picking the damn lock and cracking the key code! “I get it, you want in. If you think you can stop him, then I won’t stop you. Besides I owe you for earlier” and with that the doors opened and I had a good view of what was going on.

It did surprise me however that the others wanted to come. I guess they wanted to watch me get my ass beat but funnily enough that aint what happened. Though it might’ve done a little bit but that’s besides the point. When we got to right where he was, I couldn’t even fucking believe what I saw. He was holding a kid, no older than 7, above his head, threatening to bite his damn legs off! The pros just couldn’t do anything without risking it and trust me; the tension was extreme. And of course, I acted without even thinking. I just knew I had to do something, ANYTHING.

“Hey! 5 tons of fun!”

He looked at me. I clenched my fists, already anticipating every single punch I was gonna throw right at that fuck ugly face of his. He spoke, which shocked even the pros

“S’that it? You so called heros send a kid to stop me cuz yous is too pussy to do it yourselves?! Listen fella, you just go back to your class. You don’t want any of what I be”

I lost it. He didn’t even remember me. And I just lost my shit. I ran as fast as I could, grabbed his wrist with one hand and slammed my palm into his elbow. I’d be lying to you if I didn’t say the sound of his arm snapping felt so damn good. But I had bigger problems. I caught the kid and told him to run, then uppercutted ol’ green tits right in his chin. And thats when shit got serious. He roared at me and started clawing at me. I’ll admit, he got a few good hits in but I hit back harder. I started punching him as fast as I could, pinning him to the floor. You know what he does?

He starts laughing. “You think that’s gonna do somethin’? Every punch you throw don’t do nothin’! My bones fix faster than you can break em!” He was right. But he didn’t know what I knew. Hit a wall enough times and eventually, that walls gonna come down. So I played along
“Yeah that’s right! But you feel that don’t you?! You feel it slowing down huh?!?” He gave me a half panicked half angry look “smack a wall with a hammer enough times and its gonna come down! So im gonna see just have far that regeneration of yours can take you!!!” I pushed up the power I had, feeling the adrenaline pumping all through my arms. This was it. There wasn’t any turning back now! I was pumped to the max and I wasn’t gonna stop til this guy couldn’t walk for the rest of his damn life! But I wasn’t watching his arms and he grabbed my face and slammed me has hard as he could into the ground and got a good punch right in my jaw. But that’s wasn’t gonna stop me. I booted his chest harder than I’ve ever tried before and charged at him as a got up. We brawled all over the damn place, knocking over desks and he even smacked me with a damn statue. Hell, I even hit him so hard the ground shook for a split second. But I wasn’t gonna finish. I wasn’t gonna let up. This was a fight I was gonna win no matter how hard he hit, or how much he threw at me. And I could see him wearing down so the bastard tried to be clever. He grabs Felicity the second I ain’t lookin and threaten me. “Now sunshine, you’re gonna give up with silly lil fight. You and all your hero pals are gonna let me wonder right outta here free as the wind. Or else…” he moved her head to expose her neck and opened his mouth, revealing jagged, horrible yellow teeth. Was he really willing to go that far just to get away? You bet your ass he was. I looking into his eyes and saw the exact some sick enjoyment I saw when he killed Alice. My Alice!

I didn’t surrender. I ran right at that bastard and has he tried to bite, Fe had created an icy barrier around her neck, and he got the shock of his life. He dropped her and time seemed to slow for a minute. Guess that’s pure adrenaline but hey, its what happend for me. I pulled back and with all the strength I had left, slammed my fist square into his chest. I felt the bones in my forearm snap and break as he went flying backwards faster than anyone had ever seen. My assumption anyway. He didn’t go down though. He managed to slow himself down and tried to catch his breath. He was winded and now was my chance! I ran at him again, taking off and throwing away my leather jacket as I did, not caring everyone present could see my misshapen and bruised right forearm. He looked up at me and as he did, I jumped and slammed his head into the concrete, breaking it almost totally and finally, knocking this sick fuck out cold. My arm was shattered, but with all the adrenaline, I couldn’t feel it. All I felt was anger. And satisfaction.

I remember blacking out and waking up, back in the medical wing from before. I saw that my arm was in a cast and too my, once again, surprise, Mama Glam and Tyler we’re talking in the same room. They noticed I awoke and came over, with Mama Glam seeming noticeably angry but content with me not being dead. “Ah good, you’re awake. You’re instructor Tyler tells me you beat Thrash to the ground.” I looked at Tyler and back to her. And honestly, saying this made me so happy.

“Hell yeah I did. I’m a hero. Fighting guys like that is what I do best.”

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