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Order of the Rebellious: Part 3

  The moonlight had now glowed in its full glory as shining stars scattered throughout the blackened sky. Hoots and howls of different creatures echoed throughout the midnight silence as the group kept treading through the dark Jungle.

  “Are we there yet?” Sandira asked, exhaustion prevalent in her tone.

  Howard shakes his head. “Not yet, Sandira.”

  “Is this what the Humans would call a wild goose chase?” Hiralore spoke. “Because it feels like we’ve searched for this crash everywhere and we still haven’t found it..

  Marvick shrugs in response. “Possibly. Let’s just hope we find someth—“

  Suddenly, Marvick had tripped on something, immediately catching his balance. He looks down to find a giant crater, whistling for the others. “Think I found something!”

  Howard and the others walk over, seeing the crater. It was about as deep as a Pond with several cracks spreading out and into the ground from it. In the middle of it was something glowing brightly.

  “What’s glowing in there?” Venos asked.

  Howard shrugs. “Whatever it is, I’m going in to see what it is.” He states, taking slow and careful steps as he entered the crater. Walking towards the center of the crater, he moved over some rubble to find a glowing Black Crystal underneath. His eyes widened in surprise.

  “What is it?” Hiralore asked, watching Howard.

  Howard picks up the Black Crystal, examining it. “Some kind of Black Crystal, it seems.”

  “Looks like Obsidian.” Sandira states.

  Venos nods in agreement. “It’s definitely Obsidian. But why is it glowing? And how did it crash down here?

  Howard carries the Obsidian Crystal as he exits the crater, thinking. “Could it be from someone else?”

  “Possibly.” Venos shrugs, examining the Obsidian Crystal. “Seems Mystical, though.

  Howard paused. “Should we take it back to Otto?”

  “Definitely.” Venos nods in agreement, facing the others. “Anyone here know what this could be?

  Hiralore picked up the Obsidian Crystal, studying it very closely. “Seems more Alien, actually. An Extraterrestrial Material that’s similar to Obsidian, perhaps.

  “Interesting.” Howard hums. “Let’s head back to Otto. Maybe he knows more about this Crystal.”

  Sandira sighs. “Do we have to walk all the way back..?

  “Unless anyone wants to make a Portal, yes, we have to walk all the way back.” Howard states.

  Marvick uses his Spatial Manipulation to create a Space Portal back to Otto’s cabin. “There we go. Let’s go.”

  “That was quicker than usual.” Howard jokes, entering the Space Portal. “But thanks, Marvick.”

  Marvick nodded as he and the others entered the Space Portal, arriving back at Otto’s cabin. They all stood at the door as Howard knocked on it once more.

“That took you a while, huh?” Otto jokes as he lets the others in. “Did you run into trouble?”

  Marvick sighed, facing Otto. “We ran into a Herd of Shiftrons. We were able to kill them, but Captain got bit.” He gestures to Howard’s bitten right arm.

  “Ouch..” Otto mumbled. “I can treat that quickly. Anything else that happened? Did you figure out what crashed?”

  Hiralore carefully hands Otto the Obsidian Crystal. “We found this in a crater. It’s potentially of Extraterrestrial origin, but we’re not sure what it could be. We were hoping you had some information on this.

  “Geeze, it’s a big one!” Otto states as he holds the Obsidian Crystal, examining it very carefully. “Yep, it’s definitely something Extraterrestrial. But as for what it exactly is, I have no idea..”

  Howard nods, showing Otto his bitten arm so Otto can see it better. “We’ll keep it then, if you don’t mind.” He spoke.

  “Don’t mind at all.” Otto states as he began to treat Howard’s Shiftron Bite. “Your Ivory’s on the counter.”

  Venos nods, grabbing the bag of Ivory before standing next to Howard. “Thanks for the Ivory.

  “No, thank you for investigating that crash for me.” Otto states with a smile, soon finished with treating Howard’s bitten arm. “There ya go!“

  Howard rubs his arm. “Thanks. We’ll be on our way now.”

  “Be safe then!” Otto waves goodbye.

  The others nodded, waving goodbye before using Marvick’s Space portal to head back onto the ship. After Venos puts the Ivory and the Obsidian Crystal away, she gets the Ship ready for flight.

  “Where to next?” Ar’ath asked.

  Howard thinks. “If I remember, there’s been some strange occurrences happening in a Desert. We’ll head there next.” He states, entering the Captain’s Quarters.

  “Got it.” Ar’ath nods, smirking with curiosity.

  Howards kicks on the Ship’s engine. It roared to life as he began to steer it out of the Silver Ocean and back into the sky. And eventually, he and the others were back in the Skies of the now Sunrising World.

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