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Order of the Rebellious: Part 2

  After a few minutes of walking, the group found themselves in front of a wooded cabin in the middle of the Jungle. They all head towards it, looking around just in case something happens.

  “This should be where the client is.” Howard spoke, knocking on the door. “Hello?”

  An old and bearded man opens the door, looking at the group. “Ah, there ya are!” He said with a smile. “C’mon in!”

  The group entered the cozy cabin as the old man sat back down. Displays of Creature’s heads were hung up all around the cabin alongside the display of multiple hunting weapons.

  “Are you a Hunter?” Sandira asked the old man, pointing to a displayed Shotgun that was hung above the entrance of the cabin.

  The old man nods. “There’s been a bunch of different Creatures in this Jungle. But that’s why I called you here.”

Then why are we here?” Hiralore asked.

  The old man sighs. “Last night, I heard a strange crash in the distance. I was hoping you all could see what it was.”

  “Why didn’t you do that yourself?” The Demon asked.

  The man paused. “Considering the kinds of Beasts that lurk around here..I’m not risking it.”

  “I see..” Howard nods, thinking. “Apologies for Ar’ath’s commentary. But anyways, we’ll look for what caused the Crash you heard.”

  The man nods. “Thank you.”

  “What’s the payment?” Sandira asked.

  The man paused once more. “Well, I could give you some Ivory..”

  “That’ll work as payment.” Howard states.

  The man nods, though he looks at Aquato with sudden interest. “Uhm..I assume that’s your pet..”

  “Oh, Aquato?” Howard asked, gently petting Aquato’s head. “Don’t worry, she’s still a young Water Mon. We think she might evolve into an Ice-Water Mon, though.”

  The man hums, nodding. “I see. Oh, my name is Otto.” He states, extending his hand.

  Howard shakes Otto’s hand. “Pleasure to meet and help you, Otto. The Order of the Rebellious will help you figure out what crashed.”

  “Thank you.” Otto smiles. “I’ll get your Ivory ready. Oh, and be careful of Shiftrons!”

  Sandira raises an eyebrow. “Shiftrons?”

  “Shapeshifting Creatures that can also use Camouflage.” Howard explains. “They lack Eyes, so they use their long Tongues to smell and detect their surroundings.”

  Sandira hums. “Weird..

  “They’re not too threatening, though.” Howard states, shrugging. “So long as they’re not in a Herd, we’ll be okay. Let’s go find out what caused that crash.”

  The other members of the Rebellious nodded before they all left the cabin, entering deeper into the Jungle. The sun had begun to set faster than expected as the surrounding sunlight turned into a light of dark purple.

  “It’s already Sunset?” Sandira asked with confusion as she walked, looking at the darkened sky.

  Howard nods. “Time seems to move faster in this Jungle..”

  “Let’s just all hope it doesn’t get too Dark around here, otherwise we might get lost..” Venos spoke.

  Travis nods, creating a ball of Sacred Light and using it to light the group’s way.

  “Thanks Travis.” Howard spoke, continuing to walk with the others.

  Soon, the group had heard rustling as they stopped to look around. Then, four eyeless Creatures jumped down in front of them, their tongues slithering out of their mouths to smell their air.

  “Shiftrons!” Hiralore shouts. “They seemed to have found us.

  Howard immediately gets into a fighting stance, generating Esoteric Water. “Let’s handle them quickly. Rebellious, attack!”

  “Aye, Captain!” The others shouted as they also got ready to fight. Even Aquato got ready as she gurgled loudly.

  All four Shiftrons immediately began launching themselves at the group, who immediately attacked back

  Travis was the first to attack as he used his Sacred Light to send a Shiftron back, watching as it hissed in pain.

  Ar’ath, Hiralore and Venos all used physical Combat to attack two Shiftrons, kicking and punching them rapidly.

  Howard watches as more Shiftrons arrive, firing blasts of Esoteric Water at them. “There’s more!” He shouts.

  “On it!” Sandira shouts back, sending out waves of Sand at the Shiftrons.

  Starling was getting backed into a tree, using his Cosmic Energy to blast three Shiftrons away as he sighed. Running back to the group, he keeps sending out Cosmic Energy at more Shiftrons.

  “They’re almost all down! Keep it going, gang!” Howard yells out to the others as he uses his Ocean Magic to drown two Shiftrons by surrounding their heads in Water. He then looks back just in time to dodge another Shiftron, facing Aquato. “Aquato, Spike Shower!”

Aquato gurgles, letting out a squeal as Water Spikes pierced the remaining Shiftrons that immediately fell down dead. She then looks around, gurgling with concern.

“Everyone okay?” Howard asked.

The others nodded, all panting and only having a few scratches and bites.

“Alright..crap..” Howard noticed that a Shiftron had bitten his right arm. He sighs. “Shiftron Bites are a pain..” 

Aquato climbed back onto Howard’s shoulder, gurgling and gently nudging him.

“Good girl.” Howard gently kisses Aquato’s head, looking up at the sky and seeing the moonlight. “Midnight..”

  Venos looks to Howard before sighing as she also notices the moonlight, thinking. “Already? We better hurry up, then.

  “But what about Captain’s Shiftron Bite?” Hiralore asked.

  “Don’t worry about me, Hira.” Howard puts on a reassuring smile, beginning to lead the group back on the needed track. “Ain’t no Bite gonna stop me, I promise. Now let’s continue onwards.”

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