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Order of the Rebellious: Part 1

  The windy sky blew the sails of an Aerial Ship as it seemingly swam through the clouds despite not being in the water. The sun glowed its afternoon shine with serenity filling up around it.

  An orange-haired man watches his surroundings while leaning against the balcony of the ship, thinking. “Nothing much going on, huh?” He asked aloud.

  “Seems like it.” A small woman with a Shark tail spoke, sounding bored. “This is boring..

  The man chuckled. “Peacefulness is nice, Sadira.” He states

  “Yeah, to you..” Sandira mumbled. “To me, Captain’s boring beyond my tolerance..

  Howard just shrugs. “Suit yourself.” He stands up fully, stretching. “How’s Venoa doing with steering?”

  “I don’t know..” Sandira paused, looking towards the Captain’s Quarters of the Ship.

  Howard nods, heading into the Captain’s Quarters. Instead was a woman with both robotic legs who was steering the ship.

  “Doing okay here?” Howard asked.

  The woman nods. “Doing well. Thanks, Captain.” She spoke

  “Anytime, Venos.” Howard states, then looks towards a map. He picks it up from the table, reading it. “We should be heading to our next destination shortly.”

  Venos looks towards Howard and the Map, thinking. “Should I rally up the others, then?”

  “Indeed.” Howard nods, taking the steering wheel after Venos lets go of it. “Make sure Aquato is fed and ready to.”

  Venos nods. “Aye, Captain.” She says with a chuckle, leaving the Captain’s Quarters.

  Howard watches with a smirk while steering the ship, whistling to himself. Soon, a little glob-like and semi-iridescent creature climbs onto his shoulder, gurgling.

  “There she is.” Howard smiles. “You ready, Aquato?”

  Aquato nods, gurgling more.

  “Good girl.” Howard pats Aquato on the head before continuing to steer the ship.

  Soon, the ship dove out of the sky to reveal a lush Jungle, the water surrounding the Jungle appearing more Silver than Blue.

  “Here we are!” Howard shouts as he slowly lands the Ship in the Silvery Ocean with a slight splash. He then exits the Captain’s Quarters and sees Venos, Sandira and a couple of others. “Are we all ready?”

  One man with blonde hair nods with a smile. “I currently am. Lieutenant Sacred is here to save the day!”

  “Just try not to blind anyone this time.” A younger man with green hair states to Lieutenant Sacred, chuckling.

  A multi-armed Demon rolled his eyes. “No need to jinx him, Marvick.” He states, stretching all of his arms.

  “I’ll make sure that no unnecessary Death shall occur.” A hooded figure spoke, standing tall above the others. “That is a Lich’s promise.

  A woman on Roller Skates rolls over to the others, smiling at them. “Ready!”

  Howard nods at them all, then faces a blue-haired Beastfolk calmly. “Ready, Starling?”

  “R-Ready, Captain.” Starling answers, nervousness in his voice.

  Venos pats Starling on the shoulder. “You’ll be fine, kiddo.”

  “She’s right.” Howard states, nodding. “Now let’s go, shall we?” He smiles, getting off of the ship with the others.

  All 9 members of the group exited the Ship and looked around the Jungle, seeing its liveliness as they watched their surroundings with awe.

It’s beautiful..” Venos whispers.

  Sandira nods in agreement, smelling the air while staying away from the shoreline of where they all stopped at. “Smells strange..

  “What are we doing here, Captain?” The hooded figure asked Howard.”

  Howard looks up at the hooded figure. “We are here, Hiralore, because there’s someone who needs us.”

  “Is someone in trouble?” Lieutenant Sacred asked almost immediately, looking around quickly.

  Howard chuckled. “No, Travis. I don’t think so.” He reassures with a shrug. “I think they just need us to locate something they lost.”

  “Like a lost Treasure?” The woman with Roller Skates asked with excitement.

  Howard shakes his head, chuckling once more as he faces the woman. “No, Monica, not Treasure. Just something small.”

  “Let’s just hope we don’t run into any Creatures in this Jungle.” Marvick states.

  Venos nods in agreement. “We haven’t done a scan on this Jungle yet either.

  “We might do that later, if needed.” Howard states while moving forward. “C’mon, let’s try to get this done before Sunset.”

  The others nodded, following Howard as they all stepped deeper into the mysteriously Supernatural Jungle.

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