Cereza Van Pelt: Witch of Nature

Chapter 1

Ms. Cereza Van Pelt, a teenage girl, sits in a room. Alone. Hidden. Away from the rest of the world. And the only thing separating her and the world was a door. Not just any door, but a door of mystery. It seemed so bleak and boring, but Cereza knew that something was off about it. She never got near it though, for when she did she felt sick. So, she kept her distance.

“Cereza! Awaken!”

The sound of loud screams are heard and she opens her startling, deep emerald green eyes.

‘What’s going on?’

She stands up and looks around her cell before staring at the door. It seemed strange. It had a crack in it. A sliver of natural light came through it and she walked towards it hesitantly.


She touched the light on the ground and felt its warmth. She had to get more. So she opened the door all the way and light hit her full on.

“She’s opened the door!”

Cereza watches as these men with needles rush toward her. She feels the energy of the sunlight filling her, and everything changes. She sees everything they hid from her. She hears the sound of a woman singing and begins to sing an Ancient Cry

The men stop, bewildered by the song. As she finishes singing she flings her hands out and plants of all sorts flow through the windows behind them and entangles the men.

After a few hours of being pursued, she found freedom by jumping out of a window and into a river.

‘I never knew the world that waited beyond that door. I never knew myself…and now, I do.’

She swims until she finds the shore of a forest. There, she hides in a cave and builds a fire. As she goes to sleep, a peaceful rainstorm calms her nerves.


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