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Demons In New York: Chapter 3

Chapter 3


Hyku slowly woke up from deep slumber, his eyes barely opening. He looked around, his vision blurry and his head throbbing with pain. He couldn’t really move, as if he was stuck in some kind of Sleep Paralysis state.

What happened to him that caused such throbbing head pain? And why couldn’t he move?

He watched as Eli came into the room, looking at them.

”Hyku..are you there?” Eli asked.

Hyku slowly nodded in response.

”Good.” Eli sighed with relief. “You blacked out and hit the front of your head on the boxing ring, then suddenly hit your head wound when you fell on the ground. The others and I brought you into the Medic Room and patched up your wounds as much as possible. You’re also hooked up onto an I.V so I can give you painkillers that way.”

Hyku slowly took Eli’s words in, thinking. “Why can’t I move?..” He asked weakly, his voice raspy.

”You probably have numbness or paralysis due to the impact.” Eli replied. “But don’t worry, I’m here to help you.”

Hyku blinked, silent. He moved his head to see the I.V that was hooked into his left wrist, staring at it.

”I’m sorry that you had a blackout again.” Eli apologized sympathetically, giving Hyku a gentle smile. “We shouldn’t have asked you to clean up the mess..”

Hyku looked back at Eli, his vision slowly returning to normal. “It’s alright, Eli.” He said slowly, his voice still weak. “It happens sometimes. I’m not blaming you or anyone else for it.”

”Thank you, Hyku.” Eli hummed softly. “Now, let me give you a painkiller. Your head must be throbbing like crazy, huh?”

Hyku nodded in agreement.

Eli hummed again, then walked over to the I.V bag. They pulled out a syringe and a bottle of clear liquid, sucking up the liquid with the needle before inserting it into the I.V very slowly, all while watching Hyku’s movements carefully.

Hyku felt the cold liquid enter his veins, but he didn’t flinch. He was used to it. This hasn’t been the first time he had a blackout while trying to do something, and it surely wasn’t the last.

Eli finished using the syringe, then cleaned it up before putting it back into the bucket of medical supplies, facing Hyku again. “Is it working?” They asked.

Hyku nodded, easing up. He slowly moved his legs on the bed that he was on top of, the throbbing pain in his head disappearing as if it was never really there.

“I have to go back to worked.” Eli sighed, then looked to the opened door. “Customers are swarming this place. If you need me or anyone else for anything, just ring the bell, okay?”

Hyku nodded once more, watching as Eli left the room. He then looked at the bell, which was the same one that he used to get Quince’s attention.

I really need to get my wounds in order. He thought to himself. But how? That’s the biggest problem….how?

He sighed, then looked up at the ceiling. His eyes glowed in the room brightly, shining. He then slowly sat up, still feeling very weak and drained of his energy.

Don’t get yourself down, Hyku. He told himself in his mind. Things just happened, that’s all. Soon, you’ll be able to get rid of this..wretched wound..and maybe your phobias…

Hyku then laid back down with a sigh, and began to sing to himself. He sang an old Demon-Languaged song that he learned years ago, humming it softly.

However, a loud knock jumped through the room, causing him to go back to reality.

”Who’s there?” He asked.

“It’s just me, Hyku.” A child on the other side of the door replied. “It’s me, Roger Stewart.”

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