Cereza Van Pelt: Witch of Nature

Chapter 2

Cereza’s eyes fly open as she hears the sound of snapping twigs. She looks at the cave mouth and immediately puts the fire out. The people in white coats have found her.


She runs to the back of the cave, but they quickly catch up. She screams as they near and the cave trembles, threatening to come down.

“Stay away from me!”

She speaks her first words. Her voice is loud and has an Irish accent.


They reach her and pull out syringes full of liquids that could make her unconscious.

“I said, stay away!”

She flings out her hands and pieces of the cave come crashing down, impaling the men. She looks in horror as their blood trickles from their open mouths.

‘W-what have I done?’

She runs out of the cave and through the forest. As she runs, she enters a city. The city is pretty big and in the night, it glows. She inhales the air and walks through the city, hiding in the shadows.

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