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Demons In New York: Chapter 4

Chapter 4


Roger Stewart was a Hispanic 15-year-old human with brown hair, dark green eyes and was wearing a cube-patterned t-shirt. He walked into the Medic Room, looking at Hyku.

”You alright, Hyku?” He asked, his voice low and calm. “Eli and the others told me what happened.”

Hyku slowly nodded. “I’m alright, Roger.” He said with a weak smile. “How was your day at school?”

Roger had been in NYC for about 2 years now, and was enrolled into Whitewater High School in the 7th grade. Despite his efforts to hide it, the teachers were very suspicious of Quince, Eli, Web, Veevee, Karmin, Lola and Hyku, and never liked it when they all come to the school.

”It was good.” Roger replied. “Jinx is coming over to the apartment for dinner, if that’s okay with you. I already asked everyone else, and they said that they were fine with it.”

Jinx Anderson was the daughter of an NYCPD officer, but was a rebel at heart. She would always go against her father’s wishes and would defend Roger both inside the school and outside of it. She also carried a licensed gun, despite only being 14 years old.

Hyku smiled more. “I’m alright with that.” He said, sitting up. “As long as..Todd..doesn’t show up…”

Roger nodded in agreement. “I hope he doesn’t show up..”

”Me too..” Hyku whispered.

Todd Anderson was the NYCPD officer that absolutely hated demons. He was always after the group’s tails, but has never caught them fully for 5 years now. And although the other officers suggest that he should give up, he never did. And never will.

Roger listened as the entrance to the bar slowly opened. He looked behind him, his eyes widening.

”Hello?” Todd yelled loudly. “This is officer Todd Anderson with my other officer friend George Brown. And we both have some questions for you, devils..”

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