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Character Sheet #6: Tina Magpie

Name: Tina Magpie

Alias: Tin/Photo-Pyro

Alignment: Chaotic Good/Neutral Good


Species: Pyrokinetic Human

Age: 20

Personality: Observant, Pragmatic, Shy, Flirtatious, slightly Bold, Curious, Semi-Hedonistic, Thoughtful and Wise

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Closeted Gynesexual (Says she’s Straight for now/until she’s ready to come out)

Pronouns: She/Her

Occupation: N/A

Weapon/Paraphernalia: N/A

•Pyrokinetic Human Physiology
•Pyrokinetically Enhanced Condition
•White Flame Manipulation
•White Fire Generation
•White Fire Constructs
•White Fire Attacks
•White Fire Combat
•White Fire Arts
•White Fire Strike
•White Fire Beam Emission
•White Fire Breath
•White Fire Vortex Creation
•White Firestorm Creation
•Healing White Fire
•White Fire Weaponry
•Flammable Blood
•Heat Accumulation
•Heat Absorption
•Heat Capacitor
•Heat Concentration
•Heat Attacks
•Heat Combat
•Heat Arts
•Heat Constructs
•Heat Weaponry
•Heat Aura
•Scorching Presence
•Heat Generation
•Heat Vision
•Personal Heat

The Hot White Firestorm: Allows Tina to create a massive White Fire Storm that combines all of her White Fire and Heat Powers. The Storm will burn or incinerate anything it touches and can heat up the surrounding area to 110° Fahrenheit (48.3° Celsius).

White Spikes: allows Tina to fire Spikes of White Fire at her opponents/targets.
Pyro Stomp: allows Tina to create a shockwave of White Fire at her opponents/targets by stomping her feet.
Heat Punch: allows Tina to focus her Heat into her fist and punching opponents/targets with it.

Tag Combo(s): N/A

•She suffers from Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD) and Agoraphobia (Fear of places and situations that might cause panic, helplessness, or embarrassment)
•Is only at Enhanced Condition 2, so Supernatural Conditions 1-3 can match/defeat her easily
•A Hydrokinetic Human or a Cryokinetic Human can match/defeat her easily
•Water, Ice and/or Cold can counter her White Fire
•Black Fire can counter her White Fire
•Those with Fire Immunity, Fire Resistance and/or Thermal Resistance are immune/resistant to her White Fire
•Isn’t immune to her own White Fire, so she must be careful in order to not burn herself
•If she uses her Flammable Blood too much, she can bleed out too much and possibly black out and/or fall into a coma/unconsciousness due to Blood Loss
•Her Flammable Blood must be outside her body to work
•Using her Flammable Blood near extremely flammable objects/areas is extremely dangerous
•Her Thermoreception is only through her vision/sight; blinding her will render the Power useless
•Seeing/sensing too much heat can blind her
•Body Heat Camouflage can counter her Thermoreception
•Concentrating too much heat on a certain part/point of her body can be dangerous/deadly
•Absorbing and/or storing too much heat could have dangerous/deadly consequences to her body
•Cold Powers will negate/counter her Heat Powers
•Those with Heat Resistance or Heat Immunity are immune/resistant to her Heat Powers
•Those with Heat Absorption will absorb the Heat that’s been stored within her

Backstory: Born to a well-known Pyrokinetic Martial Arts family, Tina was always being pushed and pressured ever since she knew how to read and talk. At a young age, she didn’t have access to her Powers, to which her father would be disappointed with since all Magpie family members were born with their Powers automatically. When she was 11 and during an argument with her older brother Darwin, she accidentally lit her grandfather’s shed on fire by stomping her foot on the ground, causing her to release a shockwave of White Fire; one of the more rarer Fires. Stunned, the entire Magpie family then began to train her hard into the nights and refused to let her outside of the household home. A few weeks turned into years, and Tina was getting tired of being isolated. So, she grabbed all of her things and escaped out of the house, immediately running all the way from Kingston, New York to the Big Apple of NYC. There, she met—or bumped into—a woman named Seline Turner, who was a Pyschic Human. The two eventually got along and lived together in an apartment. However, Tina began to unknowingly develop feelings for Seline, but never told her about it. She explored more into herself and found out that she was Gynesexual; a person who was into femininity. Realizing this—and the fact that her name was still a big thing everywhere, even in NYC—she immediately closeted herself, remaining this way even today. Nowadays, she spends time with her friend while also exploring the city.

Extra Info:
•She’s 5’8 in height.
•She’s Closeted because she fears of the backlash regarding her Sexuality.
•Her SAD and Agoraphobia come from the expectations of her family name and the fact that she’s Gynesexual, as well as being isolated from the outside world almost all of her life.
•She has a crush on both Seline and Cynthia, though she knows that Cynthia’s a rival of hers.
•When activating her Heat Vision, her eyes glow a bright yellow
•Her Heat Aura is a firey red in color.
•”My family was like a hammer to a nail; constantly hammering the nail of my mind. I don’t want that to be happening to me nor anyone. Everyone can choose their path, but not all paths will be clear; some are worry-free, some are bumpy.”
•Themes: Broken Crown and Could Have Been Me

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