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Character Profiles: Tyler Brochen aka Zap

Real Name: Tyler Brochen
Hero Name: Zap
Codename: Blue
Superpower: can control electricity using the electric signals in his body as biological conductors.
Class = Mystical
(No current explanation as to how this is possible)

Backstory: Tyler is a smart guy. Did very well in school and was often approached by many, as he was friendly and always tried to help. Became best friends with Jack Barrick (aka HammerJack) at a young age. Unusual as Barrick was a bit of a troublemaker but still a kindhearted kid.They had to end that friendship when the Association sent him to bring in Jack alive for questioning and Jack resisted. If he regrets accepting, or misses his best friend, no one can say. He hasn’t spoken about it, and likely will never speak about it. Now he’s the leader of Recruit Squad LL-65 and he’s pretty good at leading it too. With that Axel recruit who’s come by its a wonder he hasn’t snapped yet.

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