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Character Profiles: Felicity Pittman aka Hysteria

Real Name: Felicity Pittman
Hero Name: Hysteria
Codename: Moodswing
Superpower: is able to control different elements depending on her mood (anger is fire, sadness is water, excitement is lighting etc)
Class = Mystical
(No current explanation as to how this is possible)

Backstory: was bullied quite a lot for her weirdness and energetic personality. Her power manifested violently when she became so angry that she seemed to not react, and injured a few fellow students with sharp icicles. She spent a good bit of her life in isolation, believing herself too dangerous to be with others. The Association reached out to her and offered her a place among them, promising that she would pose no danger and would be whole heartedly accepted. It seems her and Barrick get on. Somewhat. Something may be developing between them?

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