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The Association of Super Beings and Extraordinary Humans: Chapter 16

So, are you guys ready for Full Charge? I hope so because Full Charge Tyler is crazy! I’ll explain it. So, some powers have a ultra mega awesome special little skill. And its basically, it pushes us and itself to a place that most people I’ve met say it makes us gods. While I’ll say I’m not a god; not in the slightest, some people (one named Axel for the record) love that. I also happen to have that skill, but that’s for the end of this story. Trust me, you’ll love it! Maybe. For now, lets let Tyler have his fame. And don’t you dare touch my laptop I swear to god I will actually put you through the floor and YOU know I will. Smurf.

Anyway, holding that door was easier said than done. Whatever it was doing on the other side, it really, REALLY wanted in. The others even came to help me, pushing back against it. I turned to look at Tyler, silently asking him to, you know, hurry the fuck up. And I got a look at probably the coolest looking superpower ever! He was stood in between two huge generator, all hooked up to the rest of our city and few placed outside it. He was quite literally, draining the power grid and feeding it back. Taking more and more with each cycle. Eventually, when he reached Full Charge, he stepped down and oh my god, I could feel it. You know that static electricity in the air, the kind that makes you’re hair stand on end? It was that. He looked like he’d literally just descended from the heavens or some shit. His eyes were sparking with electricity, you could see the veins in his neck glowing with charge. His skin had a blue hue to it, but I could see burn marks appearing. Whatever this was, he couldn’t hold it for long.

“When I say so, get out of the way as fast as you can. If you’re lucky, he’ll cone straight for me”

“Why ‘ugh’ whys that?”

“He eats electricity. More specifically, the electricity our brains produce. And I’m a fucking buffet at this point”

He nodded and on three, the rest of us got the hell outta there and he came crashing through, screaming a scream I’d only hear the day I walk through satans gates. It swung its arms all over the place, wreaking everything they hit.

“You wanna eat?! Then come get dinner!”

Tyler ran at that thing and did an awesome spin kick thing right to whatever its jaw might’ve been. I’m still not too sure about its actual, like, physique. Its really confusing. Since electricity technically doesn’t actually have a form right? Like a physical form? Ah well, I’ll figure it out someday. Anyway, the whole room burst with sparks and light, as they continued to fight. Tyler reached to his belt, and pulled out this like retractable staff thing. Awesome right!? He started whacking this thing with it, and even shot electricity out of it, and boy it really didn’t like that. They smacked and clawed at each other for what seemed like hours until, he grabbed it, dragged it to the floor and just….vanished

Just like that. We all got up and looked around, having absolutely no fucking clue what just happened.

“So uhh. What”

Did…did the captain just die?…”

“I am….surprised. To say the least”


“C’mon Ty…Whatever it is you gotta do just do it…”

(Game: try to guess who said what. Lets get some of that interactivity most people like nowadays). We all stood in a tight circle, ready and waiting for whenever that thing came barreling out. But something told me this is what he wanted to happen. While I was piecing this together in my head, Kyle found something. Something we’d been looking for.

“Uhh, team? There’s a video tape here”

“Video tape? What is this, 1985?”

“It’s got a note….for Barrick’s eyes only”

The mention of my name snapped me out of my trance, fully aware that my teammates were waiting for some sign of direction. So, I took the most reasonable course of action.

“Keep it on you. Do not let that thing damage it. We’ll see what’s on it later”

Kyle nodded, stuffing the tape into one of his trenchcoat pockets. I’m telling you, those pockets are either black holes or actual pocket dimensions. Its frightening the amount of stuff he can fit in em both. Anyway, we stood looking around wondering what happened, when all of a sudden, Tyler came flying out of nowhere and right through the door Killer Watt had come through. We rushed outside and helped him to his feet. He was still fully charged though some of it must have been discharged somehow. His costume was ripped in some parts and it looked like his nose was broken (thankfully it wasn’t).

“Captain, are you okay!? We have to get you out of here!”

“I’ve already called an evac out of here. We have to let the prof-“

“I am a professional! I’m fine, we can do this!”

Killer Watt broke his way out of the station, screaming and slamming his fists down to the group, obviously angry his meal had gotten away yet again. And couldn’t help but piss me off. Yeah in case you haven’t guessed yet, I got anger issues. Perks of being super strong I guess; you’ll always be mad at somethin’. And I already know it; I’m really protective. I shouldn’t be honestly, since I know my friends and family can handle themselves, but Alice’s death taught me something. Everyone and everything you love and care about can be taken away in an instant. You may not think it’ll happen to you, but it always catches up with everyone. Especially in this day and age, where superpowers and stuff run around. And uhh, I might have uhh…. lost some control there at the end. Trust me, you gotta get me absolutely furious for me to lose it. But…something just snapped. The more I looked at this huge thing screaming and smashing shit, I saw Thrash. I saw Alice getting smacked around, absolutely defenceless. I heard her beg for me to get there….beg for me to hurry….

Needless to say, I think I scared the shit out of everyone. I stood in front of them all, digging my nails into my palms to the point they bled. I roared as loud as I could and ran at it, pouncing on it like a rabid wolf. It didn’t really work, and I ended up getting tossed away like a broken doll. But that didn’t stop me, and I ran and jumped on its back, and I even bit its ear (again, I think it was its ear. Its body is weird) I started smacking it’s head against the ground at some point, since most of this is a blurred recollection. Though Tyler remembers what is said, so apparently I said;

“Pick on me!! I dare you! Try and touch her again you FUCKING MESS!!! I’M GOING TO KICK YOUR TEETH IN!!”

Yeah, even though that thing is a dangerous monster, I felt bad afterwards. Needless to say, Tyler managed to drag me off of it and managed to scare it away doing this thing called “Shock and Awe” or whatever the pun was. I sat there on the ground afterwards, just staring into nothing, feeling real woozy and tired after that sudden adrenaline rush wore off. Then again, I’m used to that feeling. Axel was the first to voice his concern

“Okay, that was fucking scary. What are you? You some kinda monster yerself?”

I didn’t answer. Didn’t feel like talking to anyone until of course, he showed up

“Ooooooo Bad-Man Barrick almost lost his marbles there didn’t he?”

He laughed afterwards. Everyone, turned and prepared for anything, all ready to fight at any possible second. Except me. All I did was look at the sick son of a bitch. I knew what he wanted. I knew what hand he was playing. And I walked right into his trap….

“So did he scare you?”

“It ran Apex. You’re little shock dog wasn’t much in the end”

“Ohh my sweet dear woman. I was talking about your boyfriend here”

I felt it again. That rush of adrenaline and emotion when he said that. You know, looking back I have no idea why I began to hate her after that. She meant me no harm, and I was the one who made the first move anyway. She just wanted someone to help make things seem a little less shitty, just like me. And he made it worse. He used one of D-Rips void bubbles to trap Kyle and practically screamed with laughter!

“Oh yeah, by the way. I’m gonna be taking this one he looks….fresh” he brandished that same bowie knife he used to threaten me and faster than Starlight, he ran towards the city. There was no way we’d be able to catch him in time.

We spent weeks tracking down Kyle. His tacking beacon had gone offline. But we didn’t give up. He wasn’t dead and we knew it. But honestly, I’m glad he got through it all. Because when that video tape got sent a few weeks later, nothing could’ve prepared us for what was on it….

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