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Scarlet Pyre Character Sheet

Harry Potter Original Character Sheet

Name: Scarlet Pyre

Age: 17

School: Hogwarts, 7th year

House: Gryffindor

Wand: 11 inches, Redwood, Dragon Heartstring core

Patronus: Fox

Favorite Class: Charms

Lineage: Half-blood (Witch mother, muggle father)

Height: 5’4

Weight: 120

Hair color: Auburn

Favorite food: Pumpkin pasties

Tattoos: Fox, rib cage

Hometown: Glencoe, Scotland

Pets: Tawny Owl named Chaise

Favorite Season: Fall

Hobbies: Playing Quidditch (chaser), walking Hogwarts Grounds, reading (mostly fiction), skipping rocks in Black Lake

Pet Peeves: The segregation of the Hogwarts houses, when people don’t stand up for themselves, when people have pathetic tastes in music

Favorite spell: Incendio






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