Scarlet Lake (part two)

I was ignorant. That “world” waiting for me wasn’t beautiful. It was unforgiving, and it took everything from me. But it also gave me more than I could know. No, that world wasn’t “waiting” for me. It was rushing me to my end. And I had no idea.

That day, I had discovered a hideaway of sorts. Just a little clearing in the foliage, with the occasional dragonfly fluttering by. I stumbled across it while running through the trees. I had ran from the house during an argument between my mother and stepfather. They were yelling at each other, yet again, nonstop. And I couldn’t take it anymore. It had been going on forever. And only that one day did I discover and enjoy the only solace left to me: the clearing. The same clearing where, on that day, I had shed my last living tears. While I was running, tears leaked from my eyes constantly. My face was drenched with them. Why did they ever marry? Was it just to prove people wrong? Just so they could say how they had been right? My brother. Why had I left him behind? He would have to live with that his entire life. And no one would be there to help him. He’s just a helpless infant, and he can’t defy his wretched parents. He can’t do anything about them, and even when he was older, we were too far away from any help to run to. That’s why I was running to one of the only places I knew. I knew that when my brother got older, the mental abuse would start. And from there, it would only get worse. I felt horrible and weak, knowing that I wasn’t strong enough to stay and help him. My mix of emotions was only making me collapse to my knees more often. I was a combination of depressed, stressed, confused, and angry. But mostly, the anger was toward myself.

It was dark and cold, as it should be at night. The moonlight shined down, reflecting off the lake, surrounded by stars. The never ending darkness continued to engulf the land as I ran. I hoped, at least, they would never go as far with my brother as they had with me. Please, I thought, as I rubbed my sore and bruised arm, don’t hurt him like you hurt me.


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