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The Association of Super Beings and Extraordinary Humans: Chapter 11

Dominic Carter. Dominic fucking Carter. Of all the people I did not want involved in my life or my business, why’d it have to be him? I would’ve taken Thrash if he was ten times tougher than before but Dom? He’s not like Thrash. He’s his own breed of evil. Thrash is stupid; relies on strength and size to out do someone. But Dom doesn’t need size. He doesn’t need strength. He’s smarter. He’s a hunter, and if I’ve learned anything from what I’ve done, is that you don’t let hunters get close. But of course, I know that now. Back then, I knew what I wanted and I wanted that sonofa bitch to try his best because I thought I was ready. Spoliers: I wasn’t. Not by a long shot. Before I get into the thing about the note, its time for a personal history lesson dear readers.

I went to a school that was one of the first to cater to kids and teens with superpowers. That’s where I met Tyler and by extension, Alice. We were a trio you see, and were almost inseparable. Tyler was a goodie two shoes, which I guess you’ve figured out by now. Me? I was a bad kid. Even before my strength just kicked its way into my life. But Alice? She was one of the weird kids. The shy kids. The kind of person Dominic Carter and his cronies loved to pick on. And before it happens, no I didn’t hate Dom because he was black okay? I hated him because he was a vile, despicable human being. He’d beat me so bad not even Tyler, with all the sparks and crazy looks he gets, would try to stop him. No one wanted to. Because he got a….unique power to say the least. He could copy other powers. Genetically. Meaning his body would mutate and change to give him that power. No one wanted their own ability used against them, so no one stopped him. Except me. The day I found out I was super strong was the day I realized I wasn’t so weak anymore. That I could be worth something. I went home and my mum burst into tears when I showed her. She was so damn happy. And so was I. Because when I went to school the next day, I found Dom and broke his damn nose. By the time I was done; fractured arms, the broken nose and a fractured jaw. “Try stealing it!” I was screaming at him “I dare you! Come at me! See what happens!”. He left me alone after that. And moved targets to Alice. She never did no wrong to anyone. Always kept to herself and her notebook. And Dom loved that shit. He’d steal it and tear pages out of it til she cried. He’d pull her hair and drag her around. One time, he even forced her to eat mud. She was in the hospital for weeks. Then one day, he upped his game and it was the worst decision he ever made. It was a normal day pretty much. Me and Ty were doin’ our thing sat at the back of class. Then he walks in. Kids part, they all take corners of the room, at least any corner he wasn’t in. And he spots Alice just writing in his notebook. Not paying attention to him. Oh did I forget to mention? Dom loved it when people were scared of him. It made him feel strong. Which is why he had it out for me ever since I showed the school what a total wuss he really was. And seeing Alice not make way for the so called “king of North Side High”? That pissed him off. He snatched her notebook and instead of ripping out pages, he did something worse. I’m sure a few of you had diaries. You know how personal they are. Having someone read it out without your input is the worst. He started laughing “shes in love with bad man Barrick! Awww is widdle Alice in wov wiv the big strong boy?!?!”  She jumped at him and I gotta say: the scratch she left on his cheek was a pretty bad one. So of course he retaliates. He punches her. Harder than I’ve ever seen him hit anyone, even me. Square in the nose too. She runs out the class, and he just burns her book in his hands. He stole a friend of mines power and I lost it.

I had that sonofa bitch by the collar and dragged him outside. I took of my blazer and kicked him as hard as I could. “You wanna pick on someone eh Dom?!? S’that it?!? Pick on me hard man! Cmon I dare ya!” He went for me and by god I heard his ribs crack the second I landed that punch. Of course the fight didn’t last long. The teachers just barely split us up. The next day, Alice didn’t look at anyone. She couldn’t. She was scared of everything and everyone. So I stepped in.

“Hey! Everyone!”
“Alice is my girlfriend! Anyone has a problem with that, come talk to me! I double dare ya!”

And that’s how it happened. I have to say, she grew on me. She was the sweetest, most generous person I ever met. She always saw the best in everyone. Even me….

Now back to the present. Dominic Carter was after me. I didn’t know why. Maybe he saw me on T.V after the incident in Heroes Corridor. I didn’t know. But I soon found out. After the factory was searched and the scene was closed off, I went back to Mama Glam and some of the other elites with the note I found. Strangely it wasn’t bugged or even poisonous or anything you’d expect. Just a regular note. It confused a lot of us heroes. Why would someone demolish a factory just to leave a note? I knew the answer but didn’t dare say anything, since I was currently in a meeting with heroes who were some of the very best. And I didn’t want anyone to know of my involvement. It was clearly a very tense situation.

“Whoever did this is obviously stupid. No villain would try this. Especially if its directed at the tough guy I’m thinking of”. Overbite had a point. It made no sense for a villain to after the greatest of all time like this. Which is why it made sense to me. I knew Dom. Tyler knew Dom. And we both knew him doing this I just him showing off. He wanted me and Tyler to follow the trail; to chase the tail as it were. We figured we’d be smarter by playing along. At least then we might be able to trap him some way. Back him into a corner. Little did we know we were pretty much at the wall by Thursday.

I remember them bringing up his file on their cool as fuck holoscreen thingie. Its awesome getting good funding. But even seeing the image of him just brought back everything. I was gonna make sure he couldn’t hurt anyone ever again. I wanted to see it again. The fear in his eyes as I broke his damn nose. He was gonna get what was coming to him. And unfortunately, as the days went by, Apex made another move. Now I’m telling ya, the thing that makes him dangerous is what happened right then. A hero, who went by the name of Gas Mask, turned up dead. Stab wounds and lacerations all over him. And not only that, they found his lungs full of liquid. Like he’d been breathing in chlorine gas. Which was HIS ability. Sounds dangerous I know but trust me he made it work somehow. Anyway, the police and the heroes who were essentially detectives were stumped. It just made no sense. Sure they found bits of evidence but how could he die from his own ability? A lot of heroes with powers like his are immune to it, so why did he die like this? And not only that. They found another note. This time, it said “didn’t expect that one did you? You’re a predictable man, so I’ll give you a head start. Remember tough guy; I’ll be seeing you soon. D.C”

The thought of him being out there pissed me off every single day. You get it now right? He’s dangerous because he’s truly unpredictable. He’s always one step ahead because he’s smarter than most villains. But don’t worry, people who are reading the story of my life. I promise you we get him good. Because we’ve got someone smarter. And that someone was Kyle. I remember it pretty vividly, since I felt the adrenaline rush to my arms the second I was told Team Spark was officially going to be a part of this investigation. Glam gave us a brief rundown “You’ll be able to use your powers outside to their fullest extent if you can. But you must gain permission from your operator who will be granted that power by us. Understood?”

“Yes ma’am!”

And just like that, my first official situation. But its a lot different when you read about it to when you actually live it. Remember I’ve been on both sides. I’ve seen a lot of bad things. Apex and his dumb little mind games don’t bother me too much. But I wasn’t worried at all. I was so mad all I could think about was beating him to death if thats what it took. But I couldn’t have even begun to imagine the things he’d do to me. Or the others….

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