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The Association of Super Beings and Extraordinary Humans: Chapter 10

So yeah. My first official day out in the city not only gave me some newfound confidence, it really opened my eyes. It showed me the kinda man I wanted to be. Well, I guess the kinda person I wanted to be is a more literal way of putting it. And I’m guessing from the last thing I wrote, you noticed that I… I said I killed people. Yeah…yeah I have. Even know, typing this out sat in my bed, listening to my wife sleeping next to me, all I feel is shame and guilt, whenever I remember that yeah; I’m a killer. But back to where I left, no one needed to know. I remember being sat in my room, just playing video games right into the night (couldn’t sleep. Insomnia is a bitch huh?) and I got a knock on my door. It gave me quite a shock, since it was pretty late and I didn’t expect anyone up. I opened my door and there was Mama Glam, who had somehow managed to get to my room without the sound of her wheelchair waking anyone else up. “I heard about the boy. You did well not to follow orders, but unfortunately I can’t allow it to go unpunished.” I nodded, a little disheartened but nevertheless proud of myself. She left and I sat on my bed, just thinking to myself.

My train of thought was going haywire all night. But one thing remained the same. Felicity. She reminded me of Alice…… the way she smiled, the way she spoke. Even the glint in her eyes. It just spoke Alice to me. But I eventually pushed those thoughts to the side. She might remind me if Alice, but she wasn’t the real thing. No one could replace her. I finally managed to get to sleep at sometime in the morning and somehow was up before anyone else. I went into the joint kitchen, made myself some toast and sat at the breakfast counter. It wasn’t like I had anywhere to go so I decided is should have something nice before that bloody horn goes off. Suddenly Axel rounds the corner to the kitchen and jumps a little, obviously shocked that I’d be up this early. “Sorry I scared ya” I said, chuckling as I did.

“The hell are you doing up so early?”

“Insomniac. I’m usually up early anyway.”

“Ah. Right”

He moved over to the fridge and opened it, but he did it in a way that made it pretty obvious he wanted to say something but for some reason didn’t find the courage to. Which was weird because Axel is one of the most courageous idiots I’ve ever met. Not counting me of course. After a few agonisingly awkward moments he does a full heel turn grabs my arm and asks


No word of lie, that’s exactly how he said it. Out loud with his voice. That sound actually met my ears in real life. I was taken aback at first, since my impression if Axel was that he never needed anyones help. But hey, every day has its own surprises I guess. So I played along as best I could, just to see if he meant it

“You what?”

“Look I just…”

He really looked like he was struggling to say it, but managed to find the strength.

“I can’t fight okay….”

“Well that’s a lie. You battered those bots and I heard you took down a villain yesterday. How can you not fight?”

“Kyle can defend himself. So can you and Tyler and everyone else. But I can’t…”
“I’m not strong enough….”

Once again, something hit me. I felt the same way. When I looked up, holding Alice in my arms and saw those five sick sonsa fucks looking down at me. I wasn’t fast enough. I wasn’t strong enough. I saw that in Axel’s eyes.

“You want me to train you up?”

“Please! I’ll pay anything! Any amount, you name it you’ll get it!”

I thought for a moment. I could just ask for something and have him bring it to me. It would be kind of funny wouldn’t it? To see a guy with his attitude bringing me shit just to train him up. But I decided against it. I liked Axel, I thought he was funny and it would’ve been a pretty shitty thing to do. So I made my decision, with a condition of course.

“I’ll do it. Under one condition”

“Name it! I’ll do it!”

“Promise me you’ll listen to Tyler”

“What really? That’s it?

“Do you want the training or not?”

“Yes! Yes, a thousand times yes!”

“Then listen to Tyler. He’s a bit naggy I know but he’s looking out for all of us. In this day and age its rare to find a hero like that anymore.”

“R-right. I won’t let you down sir!”

He gave me a dumb looking salute then ran off, presumably because the horn had sounded and everyone would be getting changed by now. As I made my way back towards my room, the thought just occured to me. “What have I gotten myself into?”. I entered my room to find Axel inspecting my hero clothes, mumbling to himself
“Its the jacket. Its gotta be. Somethin’s special about this thing. I know it”


“Ahh! Oh. Yeah?”

“Get out of my room. I need to get dressed”

“Oh! Yeah ummm….sorry!”

And with that, he was gone again. Oh boy I thought; this is gonna be a ride. I got dressed fairly quickly and went into the common area and sat down, feeling pretty tired from waking up early and the surprise of Axel asking for help. Tyler came and greeted us all in that usual manner he has, but gave us all an announcement

“So, you guys heard of the ceremony slash party thing we have?”

We all shook our heads, very confused as to that. Party? Ceremony?

“Well, every year once the newest recruits come in a get settled, we hold a big ceremony party thing where we just say thanks for joining and let you have a good night. Its a mix of formal informal. Pretty sweet though. Its sometime next week so if you wanna go, get a suit or something and we’ll go”. It sounded pretty cool. Then again, I’m not one for parties. Don’t get me wrong I like going and all, just as long as its with someone I know. I hate being around people I don’t know. Regardless, we all left in good spirits, ready to start the day. Tyler had set up individual patrol routes for us, or more specifically for those who haven’t done one with someone else yet. And as luck would have it, I ended up with Felicity and Axel. We made our way to the industrial district which is a pretty cool place by the way. I spent most of the time just talking to Axel and Fe, about whatever came to our heads. Then, my communicator starts beeping. I press the little button then the earpiece and Tyler’s voice cones through

“You there!?!”

“Yeah, what’s up?”

“There’s a disturbance of some kind around your area. Could be a villain but theres been a lot of damage done to one of the factories. You gotta investigate. Report anything you find got it? I’m gonna put you through to Emily. She’s your operator. Just report to her”

“Got it. Umm…. Brick out?”

I heard a beep and a cheery voice comes through. “Hi! I’m Emily!”

“Umm. Hi?”

“Okay so I have the map up right here. Just keep going and take a left at the third block. You should be able to see the factory there”

“Got it”

We made our way to the factory, following Emily’s directions as closely as possible and sure enough, we saw the factory. And disturbance, was an understatement. The whole front of the factory looked like it had been ripped clean off. Like something just tore right through it. Fe took charge pretty quickly, “okay Axel and I need you to start looking for anyone that might be in there. Bring them out here and I’ll see to them” he nodded and catapulted himself deep into the factories main floor. “Jack, I need you to start moving some debris. I’ll call the police for help got it?” I nodded and began moving as much as I could carry at once. Eventually the police did arrive and began searching the area for ant clue as to what or who could’ve done this. It wasn’t a mystery as to what; it had to be someone with a superpower. The real question was who. And why? Why in the middle of the morning and especially while everyone would be either already at work or getting here? I just didn’t make sense. Unless of course. They wanted people to see it. Maybe it was some kind of message. And if I have to say it. It was….

As I went deeper into the factories to clean up, I moved some of the brick walls and found a body. I was about to shout for someone, til I noticed a paper note? What? I put down the chunk of wall, knelt down and took the note. What it said didn’t phase me, but what did was that I recognized the hand writing

“They accept you for now. But do they know of the sins you carry? We do. I’ll see you around tough guy


Dominic Carter….

Apex was on the hunt….and it seemed in that instance, that the hunter was now the hunted….

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