Original Characters

Henri Erickson

“the tree talks too much”


NAME: Henri Erickson

NICKNAMES: tree boy, plant man, fucking twig, chrysanthemum,  literally any plant name (all courtesy of Lex)

AGE:  17

BIRTHDAY: 4/13/1999

GENDER: pangender (most tree nymphs consider themselves agender, pangender, or genderfluid if they choose to abide by human gender ideals but there’s quite a bit of variety and it’s hard to keep up with)

PRONOUNS: he/him they/them

SPECIES: tree nymph/dryad

APPEARANCE: 5’10, olive skin, short light brown hair always in a different style, dark blue eyes, willowy

SEXUALITY: aro/ace

AESTHETIC: cute and flowery and eclectic with lolita and flower crowns and everything shiny he’s just a huge cutie okay

RELATIONSHIPS: he talks to everyone he can and gets along with Suqi really well

FAMILY MEMBERS: none ?? (nymphs sprout from dead ones so technically his only “parent” is deceased and the forest is all related so)

TRAITS: talks a lot, ignores people a lot, excitable,bad at social cues, stubborn, extravert, loves complimenting people, easily engulfed in new ideas, materialistic, creative

LIKES: flowers and plants of any kind, frills and soft fabric, feeling things he’s very touch based, decorating (especially his branches), glittery or shiny things, running around/kids games, being called cute, sewing, making art in any form, knowing everything, tv shows and movies

DISLIKES: being forgotten or left out, when people  won’t let him explain his gender though he’s pretty stiff when it comes to it along with nymph culture, people making fun of his or anyone else’s appearance, being called boring or annoying

HOBBIES/TALENTS: the best memory ever, really good at fixing things, sculptural artist

BACKSTORY: He grew up in the western dryad community in the woods of Washington. He and his nymph friends would spend most of their time in the city or in the parks without much supervision. He grew up knowing all about human society, as dryads are a generally friendly and communicative species and will often go to public school up until the age of 16-18. Henri is in highschool still but once he graduates he’ll go back to his village for vocational training, like most other dryads his age. He’s so sweet and loves his home and life and just everything






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