Character Sheets

Kieran Chavez

hopeless romantic poet who keeps leaving his goddamn mugs everywhere

NAME: Kieran Chavez

AGE: 19

BIRTHDAY: 11/18/1998

GENDER: male

PRONOUNS: he/him

APPEARANCE: 6’1, medium brown skin, curly dark brown hair with an undercut, hazel eyes, muscular and strong and can probably carry you, scar on his leg from falling out of a tree when he was little, pierced ears and tongue but it closed up, always wears a cross

AESTHETIC: ugly and bright chunky sweaters, tight pants, glitter and gold

SEXUALITY: pansexual

RELATIONSHIPS: dating Mikael, really close friends with Lex and Jay, on friendly terms with everyone else

FAMILY MEMBERS: little sisters Rosie (9) Marielle (11), mom and dad all live in Nevada

TRAITS: likes to please others, romantic but ive in the vaentine’s day cheesy way not the overdramatic way, clumsy, anxious mixed with shy, kindhearted, puns, a bit oblivious when it comes to not being rude but he tries so hard, messy

LIKES: literature like holy heck he’s such a nerd, plays and poetry sometimes he writes cheesy poems for mikael it’s so cute, dancing, puns, dramas and romances (he’s not too big on musicals but that doesn’t mean he won’t bust out the entirety of little shop of horrors for mikael),

DISLIKES: terrified of getting kidnapped and heights, talking to people, being critiqued (it makes him nervous), large crowds, anxiety makes him anxious, cleaning

BACKSTORY: he grew up in a small suburban neighborhood in Nevada where he had accumulated a nice neighborhood friend group and was part of a theater group outside of school. His dad wasn’t the most nurturing person, but his parents love him lots. It was his mom’s idea to enroll him in a private school known for its theater program where he met Mikael. He’s been dating mikael for almost two years and he’s definitely been over to Kieran’s house and doted on by his mom and sisters. Now that he’s 19 he lives with Mikael in Washington where he goes to school as a theater major and works as a dancer part time.


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