Character Sheets

Aiden Bohr

misled child who fell into a rotten misfortune


NAME: Aiden Bohr

AGE:  19

BIRTHDAY: 8/9/1997

SPECIES: siren

PRONOUNS: she/her, but they don’t mean much to her

APPEARANCE: 5’8, ashy skin, short and choppy white hair, ice blue eyes, curvy build, bridge piercing

SEXUALITY: doesn’t work like humans, closest would be considered a polyamorous lesbian

AESTHETIC: monochrome, comfy,  androgynous strega

RELATIONSHIPS: dated Suqi a year ago, knew Henri through her, stays away from most everyone now

FAMILY MEMBERS: three “moms”, five “sisters”

TRAITS: messy, distant, dedicated, she’s trying to work on the distance thing, protective, stubborn, holds grudges, possessive, empathetic, determined, reckless

LIKES: being in charge or at least being the one behind plans, warm water, winter, linguistics, music, knitted scarves

DISLIKES: mortality, being perceived as cold, imposed high standards, her issues, the way suqi looks at her, government, being told to smile

HOBBIES/TALENTS: genetically a very good singer but doesn’t do so often, picks up languages quickly: knows Norwegian, Swedish, English, French and is working on Russian and Mandarin

BACKSTORY: She grew up in Norway on an island with her colony. It was her entire world until she and her friends started sneaking out to the villages nearby when the adults were on hunting trips. Of course she knew who they were, her colony had good relations with the surrounding peoples, often trading and sharing skills and news, but she found the people to be fascinating and full of stories. She became friends with a lot of people in the village, and ran away to stay with them. She hadn’t planned ahead, and ended up getting caught on by her friend’s mom. Though she loved her community, she wanted adventure. She did more research and planning with help from her new friends in the villages, fueled by teen angst and unwavering curiosity. With help from her colony, she caught a plane that went to Canada, where she met Suqi. They became fast friends and then, a year later, girlfriends. Sadly, their relationship didn’t go very well. Aiden was cold and forceful and Suqi was timid and never said what she wanted or felt, leading to them finally breaking up. Some other stuff happened and eventually Aiden fell into the drug addict she is today, living alone working at a gas station and odd jobs wherever she can and slowly trying to pull her life back together.



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