Character Sheets

Kayo Hershins

vulgar, meme loving, alien child who will kick your bootie on sight

NAME: Katrina Anne Hershins 

NICKNAMES: Katie, Kayo/K.O.

AGE:  19

BIRTHDAY: 11/5/1997


PRONOUNS: they/them

APPEARANCE: 5’1, white with a bad summer tan (sock lines and everything), neon green shaved hair that’s naturally that blond everyone seems to hate, grey/blue eyes, no boobs/butt/curves and toned, the strongest thighs, stretched ears and a septum piercing (they were gonna get their nipples done thank god that didn’t happen can you imagine the chafing from running that much)

SEXUALITY: “whatever”

AESTHETIC: lazy alien glitter party vaporwave space trash

RELATIONSHIPS: friends with Jay from tennis, memes around with Kieran and Mikael

FAMILY MEMBERS: dad and stepmom and twin stepsiblings Heather and Kyle who are 13. Mom is single with a lot of mingle and lives in New Jersey

TRAITS: active, makes promises and doesn’t keep them, unreliable, tough as nails, aggressive, competitive, hard time conveying feelings, self deprecating humor, vulgar, will talk to anyone

LIKES: piercings, sports/competition, bright colors, aliens, conspiracy theories, fighting and adrenaline, huge tshirts, astronomy, irony, memes, early 2000’s kids shows

DISLIKES: commitment/attachment, consistency, know-it-alls, unnecessary rules, being touched, health diets

HOBBIES/TALENTS: plays soccer and tennis, was on volleyball and track team in highschool, trained themself not to be ticklish out of sheer willpower, surprisingly good with photoshop


They lived in Pennsylvania with their closed minded parents until the two split when they were 9. Their mom stayed close for a few years, until their dad remarried a lady with twins who was also just out of a divorce. They weren’t very fond of their new stepmom nor the 7 year old twins. They were already a pretty violent and aggressive person, and the new marriage only made it worse. They were a reckless tween, pulling off petty crimes (think bad graffiti and stealing baby jesus from lawn nativity scenes)  and staying out all night. Their stepmom was much more closed minded than their mom was, and brought out their dad’s strictness. Eventually they got fed up with Kayo’s antics, and sent them off to boarding school when they were 14. Kayo at least had enough say to make sure the school had sports, and they were glad it was far away. Their dad, stepmom and stepsiblings still live together in Pennsylvania.

Update: Kayo graduated high school (woo) and goes to college on scholarship for soccer. they are currently majoring in astronomy but it’s so boring. nothing to do with your hands and professors talk too much. 



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