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Character Profiles: Axel Caldwell aka Riot

Real Name: Axel Caldwell
Hero name: Riot
Codename: Fragger
Superpower:  The skin on one hand is comprised of a material like the side of a match box with the other hand having some sort of matchhead gunpowder mix, as well as his sweat being composed of a substance not too unlike gasoline, creating either fiery explosions or even napalm!
Class = Biological
(His sweat and skin make his power)

Backstory: Axel was the more violent and loudmouth kind. He had a heart of gold (sometimes) and would often stick up for those less fortunate than himself. Not like anyone ever challenged him anyway. His superpower was deemed too dangerous for anyone to challenged and that only fueled the fire of his ego. After he left college with a degree in aviation and aerodynamics, he and his twin brother Kyle Caldwell (aka The Ghoul) applied and were accepted into the Association. He seems to look up to Barrick. No idea why. Almost as a mentor figure.

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