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Ascension’s Adventure: Part I

   I did it. I finally did it. After so much pain, suffering, agony, tears and screams…I reached the impossible. 

  I may not be powerful enough to control everything and everyone with a flick of my hand, but I’m still powerful..powerful enough to tap into the aspects of life itself.

  Staring down at my new body, I let out a breath of relief. Relief that I no longer felt the pulsing bloody wound in my head anymore. As I stepped out of the Jucuda Pool, the fish within it thrived more than ever before. They were almost… become truly living again.

  I looked around the vastly empty hall before snapping my fingers, watching as a portal to Earth before walking through it, the portal closing behind me with ease.

  I was..incognito now. Everyone had thought I’d vanished. Well, not everyone, the Potents knew and so did Quince. The Potent Knew about my plan before I’d even start them. And Quince..well, he gave me the idea first.

  So now that I’m incognito..where do I begin?

  Thinking, I looked around NYC, heading into it without a second thought about it. As I walked around the city, I looked over at the police station, humming.

  I couldn’t really destroy an entire police station, especially right in front of the public. It did have an importance to the city after all. But maybe I can destroy—or at least attack—the people who were within it.

  But that brings the question..who? And how?

  Walking towards the other exit of the city, I began to plan it all out. 

  First, I would go fix where this all started..the war zone itself. So stepping out of NYC, I summoned another portal into the abandoned place of The Rocky Warzone, stepping into the world and looking around.

  The bodies had mostly decayed by the time I arrived there, but the crimson..the rich smell of blood..that was always in the air. Forever and always now.

  Taking a deep breath, I begin to concentrate as Life-Force flowed into my hand, its lively sparks tingling my skin. As I touched the ground, the bodies were slowly turned into different flowers. And although the ground didn’t sprout with grass, it did heal its cracks and scars, closing them as my power—my new gift—finished its work.

  I smiled brightly, sighing. “It works..” I whispered to myself, my smile gentle, but still bright.

  But suddenly, the ground shook beneath my feet. As I darted both my head and my eyes around, I found two figures in the distance. And as I studied them more, I knew exactly what they were.

  Hunters. But were they after me? Probably.

  Grabbing my Katana, I prepared myself as the two Hunters stepped into view. One of them was robotic, almost A.I-like. And the other one..was wearing an animal skull.

  “So you’re the proposed Fox God.” The Human Hunter with the animal mask spoke, chuckling. “I expected a better show from someone high and mighty..but’re not worthy of it.”

  I glared at the Human, remaining calm. “I wouldn’t say that if I were you.” I stated slowly, tightly gripping the handle of my Katana.

  “Or what, kid?” The Human Hunter teased. “You’re gonna—“

Suddenly, I sliced the Human Hunters chest rapidly, watching as crimson blood oozed and splattered from its cavity. As the Human fell, the A.I began to fire bullets at me, but I managed to block it.

  Then, with all my might, I suddenly let out a blast of Life-Force in all directions, absorbing some of the two Hunters’ Life-Force. And as they fell, I summoned a portal to Earth underneath them, watching them fall into it before closing it shut.

Panting, I began to think, then opened up another portal, this time to Uncertainty as I stepped into the snowy lands that waited in front of me.

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