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Time-Divers & their ranks

Time divers themselves is simply a name to group them all together. In reality there are 4 different groups.

#1. Scouts: Scouts are those actively sent out to fix/detain and bring back any and all disturbances involving time. This is the lowest rank. Their attire is usually pretty basic. It either consists of their suits and pocket watches or clothes relative to the place they are currently in.

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(Fun Fact: The 2 most popular scouts are Alex and Alice, 2 twins! The blonde ones btw)

#2. Stands: Stands or (Temporal Standers) are those who are sent to watch over/protect places that have effected negatively by someone or thing messing with time. Attire is usually extremely fancy or soldier like.

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(Fun Fact: It is said that Stands are usually picked out personally by Temp!)

#3. Closers: Closers are another part of the very important jobs of the Divers. Their job revolves giving any and all scouts portal access to other dimensions.

(Fun Fact: Closers have a special day to celebrate how important they are. Another being that Claire (the woman below) is the most popular due to her Omniprensence)

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#4. Heralds: The hardest possible position to get into. Heralds are choosen by Temp themself. Think God and his Angels.. But.. there are only 2. The reason is it extremely difficult to get into this position is due to the fact you need to either be

A: The child of Temp


B: A very well trusted friend, by not only the people but Temp and the other Herald.

And that is all. The only 2 Heralds known to all Divers are

Crista (Child Of Temp, also known as, Child of the Sand)

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And Josi, a trusted ally of Temp

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