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In Universe XC-Infinity, lies a Clock-Shaped city called Tempora.

In Temporos, society revolves around the responsible and ethical use of Time Energy. Temporians have formed a harmonious relationship with time, understanding its delicate balance and the potential consequences of disrupting it. Temporian cities are architectural wonders, blending ancient and futuristic styles, reflecting the coexistence of past, present, and future.

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The Clock-shaped Mega City was formed by the Diety of Time, named Tem. But they usually go by Chrono.

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The main point of Tempora is the ones who reside in it… Which are called

Time-Divers (name is pending.)

Time-Divers are those who are choosen by Chrono. They are choosen as the soldiers and watchers of time. They remain inactive until Chrono senses a disturbance in the flow of time from a universe. To which the Diver in question is chosen.

Now, apart from their jobs, Divers have something extremely special about them. In all universes every living being holds Temporal energy.. This is what causes aging. There are those in these universes that hold FAR more temporal energy than others.

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