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The Necropolis: Part 2 of Origin

*Small NSFW Warning*


All in all, the world was full of negative emotions. Now, this is where historians have to use some guesswork by relying on different soul theories. A possible theory is the Mechanized Soul Theory. This Theory is the idea that the Soul shares similarity to a human body but is complex like a machine. In this case, the soul was trying to reach something akin to Dynamic Equilibrium. Negative Emotions and Positive Emotions are products made from the metabolic/mechanical processes of the soul. The soul naturally regulates these wastes by attempting to convert them back into energy (making souls a perpetual energy generator and having near-infinite energy). In this case, the negative emotions were too much to be properly regulated and ended up corrupting the soul.


Another theory is The World Soul Theory which is that the planet itself has a soul of its own. Humanity makes up a big part of this soul as they have a lot of power and control over the earth. However, Humanity can be seen as a big tumor on the earth’s soul due to it actively harming the earth’s body. Most observation indicates that once the body (which acts as a conduit for the soul to the material realm…at least that’s what people think) is damaged severely, the soul can no longer interact with the material world without an anchor. With the negative emotions of humanity clogging up the world’s soul as a whole, the world decided to contain all the negative energy on the human side of the soul to stop it from infecting other parts.


Whether or not these theories are correct one thing is certain. The Arrival of the Undead. Skeletons who regretted their life of passiveness and cowardly ways, Zombies which were full of hatred at the world around them and how useless they had been, and Ghosts whose physical bodies had been deteriorated were bound by things such as houses where they lived or people that they had emotions towards. The living weren’t excluded from this undeath either.


Negative energy would detoraite people’s bodies from the insides. Wives would watch as their husband’s body lost their youth. Brothers would cry as their sister’s flesh became rotten. Mothers screamed into the air as their newborn babies were simply skeletons. Scientists diagnosed this phenomenon as Death’s Plague. They didn’t know why but the human body was dying at a quicker rate but wouldn’t actually die.


Here are some anecdotes of the effects of this supposed plague.




“Momma! What’s happening to me?” That’s what my girl ,Rebbeca, said to me as her hair turned white. It was strange. I had thought that she had found some dye that they selled kids these days  and put some in her hair. So I took her to the bathtub to wash the dye out. I remember how wide my eyes went and how my jaw dropped. Her hair had begun falling out. So I wanted to go to the doctor but my husband said that it would cost too much and it was most likely a fluke.


A week later, Rebbeca had started eating more and more. My husband, Ralph made a small joke of her being a growing girl. We all laughed along with the joke before I stopped us all. I noticed that I could see her ribs poking through her shirt and I asked Ralph if we could just go for a check-up.He still refused as he thought that they would try milking the money out of us.


Another weekpast. Rebeeca still had white hair but her hair would no longer fall off.I let her go outside to tend to the flowers while I folded up the bedsheets in her room. I was reminiscing over her more formative years,when I saw a flower in her room. It was perfectly fine with a lush shade of green. However in the span of only 5 seconds, it changed. It left the green state to one which was more browner in nature. Then the leaves dropped and the stem turned brown. I was puzzled as I heard my heartbeat at a faster rate. Sweat had poured down my face as the sound of my own breathing triumphed over all other noises. I dashed outside and saw my poor little girl surrounded by dead flowers.


My husband finally relented and took her to the doctors. The doctors couldn’t find anything wrong with her but were able to say that her body was undergoing a form of cellular degeneration. There was nothing that indicated the cause of the degeneration. There was no mutation in her DNA nor was there any pathogens in her body. The doctors gave medicine and drugs that could possibly slow down the degeneration. They kept her in the hospital to better monitor her condition.


However, what we deemed as a miracle happened. After 2 weeks, her hair returned to its strawberry red color and her body became plump. Flowers would stop dying around her. The doctors could no longer see any signs of cellular degradation so they decided to let her go home. Everything went back to normal. But that was just the calm before the storm.


Another week later and the symptoms were back at full force. The house was littered with strands of white hair. Rebeeca’s ribs weren’t the only thing that popped out this time. I could see the formation of her entire skeletal structure. She ate with a vigorous passion -as if it would be the last meal that she would ever eat. Yet even then she didn’t grow at all.  The flowers weren’t the only thing dying around her. As she walked around the house, everything she touched would slowly break down.

We unanimously decided to take her to the hospital. Even while she rode in the hovering ambulance with robotic drivers, the bed she sat on had a coat of rust. Once we got there her condition was worse. We could detect the faint smell of rotten flesh in the air so I turned her over and gasped when I saw it. On her back, the flesh around her spine had turned black and left it exposed.


Thus we moved with haste to the Doctor’s office.As we ran, I saw a child with white hair, a woman with parts of her arm unraveled -exposing the bone. They laid her on the emergency bed and tried to examine the problem. Her cells were dying at an extraordinary rate. All except the bone cells which were strong and healthy. As the doctor explained the situation, a black substance dripped to the floor with a clanging noise. My head slowly followed the dripping to its source. My jaw dropped as I witnessed something terrible. My poor,poor Rebbeca’s fingernails had begun to crack and fall off -with a black substance leaking out.


The doctors ushered us out as I screamed in terror. I felt a wet substance drip down my face as I yelled for my baby girl. The doctors briefed us more into the specifics of the situation. He said something about some phenomenon which caused some form of cellular degeneration but with some interesting side effects. But I could barely focus. The world spinned around me as I clenched my chest. I heard the pulse of my own heartbeat once more.The world grew dark as I collapsed on the floor.


I woke up a day later on a hospital bed with Ralph looking above me. He had tears in his eyes as his mouth began to tremble. Ralph attempted to distract me with things that had happened but my motherly desire to know the state of my own child outruled such distractions. Ralph didn’t want me to see my child but I got out of the bed and ran to Rebeeca’s room. What I saw….changed me forever.


She had lost all of her hair at this time. I could see her skull peek through her flesh. I gulped as I saw her vomit into a rusted bucket. What came out was a pink substance. This same substance came out the nose or at least what was left of it. Doctors had been yelling something about how could she still walk and move even though she was releasing her brain. Her flesh had begun to fall off -turning into dust when it hit the floor.


M̴̯͌̄-̶͉̟͚̇M̷͖͇̆̎ã̴̙̻́͘̕.̴̢̜͕̾̂͗̌͜.̶̫̹̝͕̌̄͠.̴̳̣̒̇̅̕͜.̸͎͝.̴̡̈̐̓M̶̳̣̒̅͛̈́a̶̲͓̞͑ ” That was the last thing I heard from her when they pulled me out and told me that I would no longer be able to see her.



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