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The Necropolis: Part 1 of Origin

In the year 4030, the idea of a utopia began to creep into the hearts of many. Their technology and science were advanced enough for such an idea to possibly work. Healing people took only a couple of minutes and quantum teleportation was already active -allowing people to visit family members across the globe. However, this main reason was due to wars. In 2044, North Korea launched several bombs on the US. Not just any bomb. It was a powerful atomic bomb that was mixed with a chemical that would make one infertile.  It was called “Big Daddy” as a way to mock “Little Boy”


Historians refer to the night when the bomb was dropped as the day of “Perfect Rainbow”. As it was cited, the sky lit up into a rainbow with a multitude of colors. This pretty sight was what the victims last saw. The US was in a state of panic as they hadn’t expected North Korea to actually try and drop the bomb. While the world was in a state of confusion, North Korea launched a war on  South Korea with China as an ally. The US who wished to enter the war but was still feeling the effects of the attack -could only wait until its country healed up. 


The North Korean alliance with China aided it as China had a superweapon of its own called  “Hou Yi” which was a superweapon that has an extremely long range and a massive amount of power. It was the first superweapon to weaponize Antimatter rather than using Antimatter it diverted the energy which, the reaction of Matter and Antimatter make, into a cannon-like structure. The first shot ever with this beast decimated Seoul and killed over 6 million people and no wounded.


South Korea gave up the war in only a single week thus ending what is known as the One Week War. The UN removed the ban on nuclear weapons as such a ban would make it easier for China and the new Korea to win. The two forces quickly moved up and invaded other countries before the combined power of the new technology created by the US and other powerful countries stopped them.


That was the reasoning for a perfect utopia. As the war known as The One-Sided War had taken nearly an entire century. No one wanted a situation like that to happen again and decided that such a utopia would be best. The government began watching people’s every move while giving them a sense of freedom. People slowly but subtly began being like sheep as the government laced drugs in their food -thinking it was for a greater good. Famous brands such as Google or Microsoft became government companies -secretly of course.  Many governments in the year 6020 had managed to create what they deemed a utopia. However, it turned out to be a communist dystopia.


People were docile and ignorant as even when they saw a hint of this dystopian nature, they were psychologically programmed to turn themselves in or justify it. This brainwashing was presented as a way to purify one’s mind from evil or war. However, this programming didn’t work on everyone with 10% of people being unaffected. 5% of these people were silently eliminated. The other five percent were exactly aware of the government and what it was doing. They joined up to form the Broken Shackles. As the shackles that were put on by the government were broken, thus making them free.


This group was led by Jack Remingham who knew that staying in one place would be the end of the group’s long history. The group moved state to state making sure to leave false trials. The Broken Shackles had two goals. 1) Survive 2) To spread the truth. Thus they moved to New York which was one of the most dystopian cities in the world. They planned to reveal the truth so bluntly that no one could reject it. They waited until the famous day of “Perfect Rainbow” which the People Conduit (who could change anything in the government but needed the people’s consent. Though he really didn’t need their consent) was giving a national speech. They instead hacked into the stream and uploaded tons of files which revealed the government’s misdeeds and brainwashing. To do so they had to also reveal their location thus making it a suicide mission. Members of the group hugged and kissed each other as they heard the People Guard stomp up to their floor. Jack and his group were shot on international television.


Now the world was aware of what the government was doing. A mother realized that she had turned her own son to the People Guard. A brother in the People Guard realized that he had tortured and executed his own brother with no remorse. As hidden memories kept popping up, people realized that everything they knew was a lie. Some had committed suicide from the news as their minds were incapable of accepting the truth. However, now that people knew the truth -surely they could fight back. People did try but were executed by their own governments as a way to keep people silent. People figured that they would constantly live a life of sadness and depression. Ideas of Nihilism flowed into the minds of several citizens. 


People began to walk at a sluggish pace. Emotions of Anger at their own uselessness in their situation and the fact that they had been sheep to the government -skyrocketed. Depression at the fact that nothing they could do would change anything -became common. People became disgusted with themselves at just allowing the government to oppress them but fear had crept into their hearts -thus preventing them from acting.

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