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Magnus’s Grimiore: Entry #2

Entry 2: Extra-Dimensional Magic


I remember Extra-Dimensional Magic fondly. Or by its other name which is Arcanum Exo. It was the first magic that I learned that was truly hard to learn. I thought that Magic itself was difficult with me spending entire months just to make a spell that would fling a single fireball. I thought that Time Magic was difficult but it wasn’t that hard compared to Arcanum Exo.


Now, what made it such difficult magic to learn. It wasn’t the gestures or having to actually recite incantations. No, it was the fact that it wasn’t my magical energy I was dealing with. When it comes to me gathering magical particles, it’s easy due to the fact that they aren’t “charged”.  However, when using Arcanum Exo, you are manipulating and calling upon another being magical energy.


When I first learned the Crimson Bands of Cyttorak, it was terrible. I could feel all the being’s bloodlust and need for chaos which was disorienting as I was not used to feeling and interacting with another being’s mana. 


Another problem was that they worked on different laws than my normal magic. If my normal magic was 1+ 2 = 3 then Extra-Dimensional Magic was 1+ 2= 5. I mean it was in the name. I was drawing on mana from beings outside of the normal dimension meaning they worked on foreign laws.


How I got over this was to simply accept that I wasn’t in control. I had been actively fighting against their magical energy in an attempt to manipulate like I normally do. I learned to guide the energy to my purposes rather than force it to my needs.


Now! Somethings that I’ve discovered about Arcanum Exo! One is that if one focuses their effort on mastering a certain spell, the limits they have with that spell are released. An example is my master, Dr. Stephen Strange. He’s reached a level of mastery in several spells but I’ll talk about the Crimson Bands of Cyttorak. I’ve seen him trap beings like Ant-Man who should’ve been so small that he shouldn’t have captured him but he did. He could change their shape, etc.


Another example is me with the Flames of the Faltine. Due to my unusually high affinity with Fire, I would’ve already been a natural with that spell. Combine it with my big ass connection to Dormammu is a Faltine Being, you got something amazing. It only took me a couple of weeks to get to a ridiculously high mastery of the spell. However, something strange had happened when I casted the spell after a while. I sent a slash of the flames forward -causing me to go to the spot to which it was directed. I did the same thing again and checked with my Magical Formulation -I had freaking burnt space.


Another cool idea that I have been thinking of trying is infusing their magical energy into my bounded fields. This is a type of magic that consists in knitting a network of magical energy and spreading it on a base area, such as a piece of land or a building, to create a mystic boundary line that separates the inside from the outside. What I mean by this is the extra-dimensional being known as Ikonn. Its dimension is a place where Illusion and Reality intersect. With its magical energies, I could replicate that in a bounded field.


Something strange is that I’ve been drawing on beings without any incantations or gestures. I originally thought that I was replicating their energies but I was wrong. It’s like me using money that’s supposed to go to a charity and the charity donor knows. They wouldn’t continue giving me money. But I don’t know how on earth, I’m doing this.

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