Original Characters

The Forgotten

Name: Aziel “Azzy” Baker

Alias: The Forgotten

Alignment: N/A


Fandom Image

Species: N/A (He no longer claims to be human)

Age: N/A (Said to be possibly in his mid to late 20’s)


Oh.. how many times I’ve heard that.. You’ll never succeed HUMAN, you’re just a failure HUMAN.. But look at me now.. More powerful than you’ll ever be..

Gender: Male

Sexuality: N/A

Pronouns: His/He

Occupation: N/A

Weapon/Paraphernalia: N/A


Genius-Level Intelligence

Indomitable Will

Master Engineer

Tactical Genius

Magic Mastery

Preternatural Studies Mastery

Linguistics Mastery

Rhetoric Mastery

Science-Magic Mastery

Flawless Artistry


Martial Arts Mastery (Kick-Boxing/Lethwei)

Parkour Mastery


Supernatural Condition (III)

Psychic Resistance

Fear Inducement





Dimensional travel

Magical Energy Manipulation

Evocation/Summoning Arts

Force-field Creation

Magic Aura

Magical Pressure

Magic Attacks

Magic Combat

Magic Defense

Magic Reflection

Magical Regeneration

Mystical Healing


Magic Resistance/Magic Immunity/Magic Sealing/Magic Negation.

Anti-Magic is a problem of its own league.

Magic Invisibility and Magic Intangibility.

Absolute Command/Absolute Domination/Omniarch

Users of Telepathic Force Manipulation and Empathic Force Manipulation, Psionic Godhood can fight his Psionics and his will.

Those with Supernatural to Absolute Intelligence can fight his own intelect

His manipulation can be beaten by those with high levels of indomitable will

Banishment/Contract Nullification/Knowledge Absorption/Knowledge Erasure/Summoning Negation

Backstory: N/A

Extra Info:

He is 6’3

His scarf was a gift from his father

His greatest feat was holding back Gar’s Void Energy

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