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Arden “Artie” Callum

Name: Arden “Artie” Callum

Alias: Feathered-Beast (Scales)

Alignment: N/A


Fandom Image

Species: Bird/Avian-Folk

Age: N/A (In his mid 20’s in Folk years)


You hit like a girl.”

Sarcastic, Aggressive, Quick to Anger, Somewhat Quiet, Fun-Loving

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Bi-sexual

Pronouns: His/He

Occupation: Ex-Misfits Member/Food Server


Anything he can get his hands on



Street Fighting/Boxing/Wrestling Mastery

Improbable Weapon Mastery

Intimidation Mastery

Sarcasm/Taunting Mastery

Culinary/Mixology Mastery

Anger Empowerment


Aerial Adaptation

Atmospheric Adaptation

Bio-Feather Manipulation/Feather Manifestation/Razor Sharp Feathers

Beak Protrusion/Claw Retraction/Talon Protrusion

Enhanced Agility

Enhanced Balance

Enhanced Endurance

Enhanced Lung Capacity

Supernatural Reflexes

Enhanced Senses (Sight/Hearing)

Bio-Skeleton Manipulation

Ultraviolet Perception/360-Degree Vision/Magnetic Vision/Night Vision

Wing Manifestation

Enhanced Intelligence/Memory


His hits along with his body are a weaker when his skeleton is hollow

Those with Absolute intelligence

His sociopathic rage can lead him to just.. winging it

Those with Feather Manipulation

Backstory: N/A

Extra Info:

He is a mix of Canadian and Australian

He has gotten into so many bar fights to the point he has a “Days without violent encounters.” counter on his bedroom door

He was close to Scales as they 2 were the only folk within the group

He left due to wanting to change his life around

The reason he was treated as an outcast with his family is due to the fact he is just different from them in terms of skill, personality, and mindset. (He has ASPD and is a diagnosed sociopath)

He is 6’2

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