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New #2

*He watched the civilization down below with pity and sadness in his eyes.. watching the powerless beings carry on with their mundane lives.. But something caught his attention..*

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*He can see it from their minds.. tortured souls trying to run away from it all. Darius Asher and Mary Christopher… they were perfect canadites.. Both holding the genes and the potential.. A boy with a broken mind and a girl with a broken body.*

“..I’m sure the other versions of you would be glad to help you..”

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*New Vanished from thin air, slowly tailing the teens as they were none the wiser.. after a while he slowly began to realize they were being tailed.. by about 3 men, big men.*

..F*ck, MARY, BOOK IT!

*Darius yelled, pushing the girl in front of him.. Mary looked at him clearly scared but nodded, dashing off into an ally.*

*New watched as Darius stood up to the 3 men, clearly fearing for his life.. But his bravery and Will amazed New.. Darius of course was beaten, and held in a chokehold, being brought into the ally where Mary hid..*

*One of the filthy apes-.. I mean.. humans spoke*

“Get out here, NOW! Or your little friends catches one in the chest!”

*New couldn’t see Mary but he heard her thoughts, he could hear her fear, sadness..*

“..no.. don’t.. Mary, just..”

*Darius groaned, he was thrown to the floor..*

*New, Darius and the 3 men watched as Mary stepped out of hiding crying. New made his way down, slowly walking forward. He wasn’t listening to the current talk they had, but as he got closer-*

“And what do we do with this idiot?”

*Ape #1 asked, stepping on Darius’ head, making the boy groan*

*Ape #2 pulled out a gun, aiming it at Darius*

“We get this rat out the picture that’s-“

*New cut him off, speaking as coldly as ever.*

“I don’t think that’s necessary.. but then again, all you humans are good for is hurting your own..”

*Ape #2 yelled out, aiming his fire arm at New*

“I don’t know who the hell you THINK you are but you better turn your fugly masked self around BEFORE I-“

*An explosion of red had let out in the ally, the others were in shock.. but that shock soon turned to sick horror as they realized Ape #2’s head.. was popped like a balloon, the headless corpse lying on the ground..*

“Mmm.. I do hate when they talk as if they are superior..”

*Mary was too scared to speak, grabbing Darius and holding him close to her. She watched as the other 2 apes were killed off like nothing..*

*She was powerless to do anything as New crouched in front of them, studying them closely..*

“I am sorry for the display my friend.. But it was the only way, my name Is New.. I’ve come here to help-.. no.. save you, yes, save you both. Take you away from all your troubles.. your suffering.. give you strength..”

*Mary was still to freaked out to speak, but he knows who’d ask the questions..*

“..W-..what.. the hell.. are you..?”

*Darius asked, only impressing New more.. Most people would be unconscious..*

“I think you mean: “what the hell are WE.” Darious.. We are the New Gods.. Or.. Homo-Plegmas.. I have come from a different universe to search for those like us..”

*Mary stuttered out..*

“..S-so.. you’re saying we.. could..-”

“Do stuff like what I did? Yes, maybe even more.. we’re all unique.. All I need is your permission.. and I can grant you whatever you wish..”

“..What’s the catch..?”


*The 2 were skeptical, and rightfully.. this was all too good to be true.. Darius sat up, speaking with the bravery New admired*

“..We’ll do it.. How.. how does this kind of thing work..?”

*New placed his hands on their heads.. before agonizing pain went through their bodies.*

*Mary held onto her scarred self tightly, her blood boiling in her veins as she screamed in pure pain. Darius was doing no better, as his head felt like it was going to pop. He screamed punching a dumpster until it began to get violently dented, much to New’s… glee? Mary’s blood began to seep through her skin, slowly forming sharp tiny spikes before going back to their liquid form..*

*The 2 managed to hold hand during all their pain before it all went b l a c k*


(New’s Unique Ability: Wake Up)
(By using his telepathy and surgically precise telekinesis he can start the part of the brain needed for Homo-Plegmas’ to use/start up their powers)

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