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The Chronicles of the Magical Programmer: Chapter 10

“Created? This…boy created you?” Dormammu gestured to Magnus who was outside of the hallway in a mid scream.


“Yes. His mother and father were attempting to escape the main family and they sent a group of decently powerful mages after them who were defeated with no fight. They were too strong -killing them. The mages knew they would be in big trouble with their supervisors. Thus they threw their body in the river not before casting a spell that would stop anyone from magically finding the bodies. “ Sarah said to Dormammu.


That doesn’t answer my question. Cut to chase” Dormammu said angrily.


Sarah nodded as she continued. “However, the woman was pregnant with a child. A child that was alive even though his parents were dead. The child was highly intelligent and was capable of memorizing things quickly. After he slipped through his mother’s body, he realized his parents were dead. Unconsciously, he created us. Magical projections with a rudimentary soul”


Umar was impressed with such a thing. For a child mage, to create an autonomous magical projection was simply bizarre. And with its own soul too! She had tried to create such a thing to fulfill her desire of having a man who could keep up with her intercourse but it had failed.


“Interesting. I will follow the contract to its complete ends even though I could simply null it here right now” Dormammu said as he thought ‘If I can get someone like that to be my champion…with enough time they could aid me in taking control of Earth’


Sarah nods, happy that a slight flaw in the design of the contract didn’t stop Dormammu from aiding her master. She watched as her form continued to flicker. ‘One of them had an Anti Magic dagger….Damn it’ She thinks.


Dormammu had paid no mind to her flickering form and unfroze time in the area. Due to time restarting, Sarah’s form was fading rapidly. “Mom!” Magnus said as he rushed into the room. “I don’t want you to die!”


Sarah smiled as she ruffled the hair of her master -no her son. “I love you, Magnus. Thank you for allowing me….to exist” She uttered her last words as she faded into blue particles.


Magnus went silent and muttered to himself. “Not again….why do they all die…Not again” One of the mages said, “Let’s get out of here with that kid so we can bring something” Dormammu was going to simply burn the mages away but something stopped him from doing so.


Umar’s eyes opened up wide as she recognized that energy much like the Dormammu in the memory did. “T-that energy…. H-How is it possible”


Child Magnus muttered to himself. “The first time. I hated it. I didn’t know them well enough but being delayed in the womb helped me to recreate them. Then a second time…… Why do you all keep killing my parents?” He says as powerful, golden mystic energy swirled around him.


Dormammu was shocked to feel that energy. It had been centuries since he and Eternity banded together to imprison that being. The only time he sensed that energy was when Strange had been fighting the Hulk.


Magnus’s head became inflamed by a golden fire as his arms formed into shackles which the golden mystical energy formed an aura around them. “AAAARG!” He yelled with an overlay of another voice which was much deeper and contained chaotic tendencies. He rushed with a shocking amount of speed -appearing as a golden blur to the mages. Bang. His fist slammed into one of the mages causing his fist to appear on the other side of the body. Gurgle.  The man releases blood as he collapses to the ground.

(Somewhat like this)Zom (Character) - Comic Vine


Magnus took his hand out of the man’s body and stared at the others with a crazed glare. “To think at a young age, he managed to draw upon the power of Zom,” Umar said as she remembered when she herself battled Zom. In short, it was a slaughter and not in her favor. Bam.  Magnus slammed his fist into a mage’s head causing blood to splatter on the wall. The mages sent hundreds of spells at him with each of them disappearing into vapor on contact.


Dormammu ends the illusion. “That is why I was so courteous to him. He thinks that he gained more than we did. But with his abilities and potential, we gained far more”


Umar smiled. “Now we just need to make sure he stays on our side. Such valuable assets can’t be wasted” She says as she thinks. ‘Using him just to conquer Earth of all things? With a being like that? Poor, Brother. You think far too small.’


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Woah, that shit gave me chills. THAT WAS FUCKING AWESOME!!! Keep up the work man, and i love the parts with Dormammu and Umar. Magnus is more powerful than i realize, damn.
2 years ago
@peepso_user_160(Jay_Bara) Thank you. I put alot of research into this such as reading the Strange Tales. It means alot