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The Chronicles of the Magical Programmer: Chapter 11



“Activating Presence Concealment. Reconfiguring dead skin particles. Exploring the Cognitive horizons. By the mighty power of Cyttorak, Execute Program!” Magnus said to himself as he grabbed his arm. It had been several months since the last time that he met Dormammu. At that time, he noticed peculiar things happening to him. He began vomiting and puking violently. His body would randomly give out and collapse to the floor.


Now, Magnus could only assume that it had to do with the symptoms of Extra-Dimensional Magic that his master, Dr. Strange, had been talking about. While it is a less known fact, the use of magic has a physical toll on one’s body. His master told him that he had vomited three whole days from his first spells. However, Magnus had never had it so severe.


Sure there was a little headache now and then but not like now. Violently coughing out blood and having his food barely be digested would cause him severe pain when he had to excrete waste. He has two conclusions why the symptoms are so severe now. One was due to being the champion of Dormammu which means his use of extra-dimensional magic was increased to the max. The other was due to the new energies in his arm.


He had looked through it and the energy in his arm had no correlations to the ones that were in it previously which he found strange. Upon further contact with Dormammu, he had said something along the lines of “Do it yourself”. Magnus decided he would use a ritual that would draw on the power of Cyttorak, a powerful magical being, to hide the presence and power of the arm. Five hundred previous tries with all of them failing. However, this one would be different. Magnus could feel it!


Crimson mystical energy swirled around him as the very air seemed to distort. This energy began coiling itself on his left arm. He smiled as the magical energy had seeped into his skin. However, his smile turned upside down as he felt excruciating pain. It was as if hot melting rods had been stabbed into his balls. Magnus yelled out in pain as white lightning combated the crimson energy. He stopped the ritual causing the pain to cease.


Magnus sighed as he laid down in the middle of the elaborate ritual. The same result had happened without a single diversion. Calling upon different extra-dimensional beings didn’t help for he had tried Cyttorak to even Galinia with no success. However, Magnus couldn’t live with the arm constantly active. He struggled to stand up as he grabbed onto a levitating magic staff. Cracks suddenly formed from where he touched the staff. He had looked at in confusion as from the cracks was a blue light. The wood seemingly fell off revealing…….the exact same wooden staff. For a being with no magic, it meant nothing. 


However, for Magnus it meant the solution to his problems.  With his arcane ability that allowed him to see the interaction of magic, he saw what had actually happened. When his hand touched the arcane tool which contained an enchantment of fire, it had in a sense invoked a virus of sorts into the programming of the enchantment. This program looked through the small holes in the program and made into a bigger threat -causing the program to shut down on itself.


‘This phenomenon is exactly like when I fired a fireball at the daughter of the Magic God. Meaning this arm is mass producing anti-magic energy. Thus whenever I draw on mystical energy to attempt to contain it, the arm destroys it.’ Magnus thought as he sat down into his chair and flipped open his notebook. ‘It does that due to it being a part of the being known as Magnus Griswold. If I can isolate the arm’s identity from my own…..no that wouldn’t work. It would cause me to be unable to use the arm. Even worse, I won’t be able to use magic with it’


Magnus’ mind went on overdrive as he tried to figure out a solution. Multiple had come to his mind such as creating an algorithm which would search through different types of magic and blacklist them. However, such a solution was far too tedious. Out of nowhere, Magnus laughed and slammed his head into his table. The answer was simple. It was hilariously simple. The arm and the energy was still part of Magnus. Thus, he should be able to code it. He heard the familiar hum of his interface starting up as the holographic keyboard appeared in front of him.


His eyes glew with a familiar determination as his fingers danced across the keyboard. He needed to examine the energy he was working with. As he looked through, he saw similarities with magical energy. No, that was incorrect. It was the reverse of the central components he had seen with magic. Rather than Magic’s *̵̧͓̬̎͋͝&̷̢̈́%̵̥͇͔̿̾͝#̴̗́̓̌!̴̠̩̝̓͆̒̚)̴̢̱̙͂  , Anti Magic had  )̷̠͔͇̬̇̇̓̚!̸̫̦̗͈͝#̴̢͔̏%̷̢̢̘͇̿̑̋&̸̺̼͖̙̆*̴̭̮́̒͋͋͜    which would automatically target and start melding with *̵̧͓̬̎͋͝&̷̢̈́%̵̥͇͔̿̾͝#̴̗́̓̌!̴̠̩̝̓͆̒̚)̴̢̱̙͂  though the end result would be more similar to Anti- Magics. Magnus’s goal wasn’t to alter the code of the Anti-Magic for that would be suicide. 


No, he would add onto the code. His plan was to install what were essentially firewalls which would only be brought down with an activation code. However, the problem was he needed to create a sequence of code which would fulfil such a purpose. For Magnus had never added onto a program, he only would alter it. ‘Maybe if I give it a Loop function which means it wouldn’t be a passive program? No, that would cause a system failure and who the hell knows what would happen.’ He thought before a lightbulb lit in his head.


‘What if I give the program what it wants. If I make the new addition have similar code to Magic but with one alteration being that *̵̧͓̬̎͋͝&̷̢̈́%̵̥͇͔̿̾͝#̴̗́̓̌!̴̠̩̝̓͆̒̚)̴̢̱̙͂   would have be swapped with a nearly identical *̶̡̯̘̋%̸͙̅̈́̒̾#̶̢͆̏̐͝!̶̻̖̀)̴̢̝̖̐̈̿́  . This deletion would result in the Anti-Magical energies attempting to destroy the energy structure but would be repelled due to them not being exact replicas.’ He thought as he began typing away to add the new changes.


Once he saved the new addition to the program…everything went to hell. His arm began to be ridden with cracks which omitted a white glow. He screamed out in terror as an incomprehensible pain riddled his body. Magical energy from around the room swirled around his arm as they got absorbed. Tears evaporated from his eyes as his arm blew to smithereens. The explosion grew to encompass the entire earth he was on.


Magnus hadn’t predicted such a result. With the new addition, anti-magic would be repulsed by it like he thought. However, remnants of it would fly from his arm and absorb the magic around him. The new code would do the same which would cause both of them to fight over the mana in the room. Thus a giant world busting explosion. This is where the Chronicles of the Magic Programmer should’ve ended. The life of a very special mage would’ve stopped.


All stopped due to a single word uttered by Magnus before he died. “No” With the single word, a scarlet energy seeped into the earth. A mystical energy that was above most forms of magic. It was disorienting and chaotic in nature. Not a magic that was easily controlled. Yet with a single word it bended to his will. The last thoughts that Magnus had was wishing that additions worked with all his might. Thus, the mystical energy followed his wishes. It didn’t rewind time or bring Magnus back to life. No for this magic was above such a thing. It invaded the very source code of reality and glitched it. The law of Magnus’s reality which would’ve caused such an event was changed. Anything which was the result of his own failure was gone as to reality itself, the failure had never happened.


To be honest this was probably one of my least favorite chapters to write. I didn’t know what to write after Magnus left Dormammu’s dimension and thus the chapter is just terrible. Don’t worry I’ll make it up to you in the next one

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