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The Chronicles of the Magical Programmer: Chapter 9

Dormammu came out from a swirling vortex of fire with a burst of booming laughter. “ I knew it. I knew you could complete this task. Your reward for such a task is becoming my champion” 


“But you didn’t help me” Magnus mutters to himself.


“Sorry. I don’t think I heard that. Mind speaking up” Dormammu says, making a subtle threat.


“I had thanked you for being such a guiding force in aiding me” Magnus says smiling, doing a complete 180.


That’s more like it. Being my champion gives you a higher amount of access to my power. As such I expect you to come to my service whenever I demand it. Now swear that you shall not sully my name” Dormammu said as his reputation was important to him. He didn’t want a similar situation as with Mordo. His own champion had attacked his adversary in combat in a non-magical duel.


“I swear it!” Magnus says realizing that he is gaining way more than Dormammu is. With Dormammu’s power, he could extend his magical knowledge a hundredfold!


Dormammu nods with a flick of his wrist and imbues Magnus with more of his magical energy. Magnus floated in the air with his mouth open wide. The symbol of Regency on his forehead was more pronounced than before. Near his eyes were dark veins that pulsed with power. Magnus slowly levitated down as Dormammu hid the features. “You may leave”


Magnus nodded and immediately blasted himself out of the Dark Dimension.  Before he left, he whispered, “Thank you”


After a couple of minutes which Magnus left, Dormammu sighed. “Sister. Are we going to pretend that I didn’t know you were here ever since my new champion got here?”


From the shadows came Umar. She had long, raven hair and a voluptuous figure. Magic oozed from her with every step she took. Her purple eyes ran over her brother with her red lips being amplified with her darkish, green dress. She seemed to be the type of woman to marry someone only if they had enough power and influence.

Umar (Character) - Comic Vine

“Brother. Why did you put that much time and investment into that boy? If it was any other being scrawling to you for power, you would’ve quickly been done with the ordeal” Umar questioned as she was extremely interested in the boy.


“I simply wish for him to be a proper champion.” Dormammu says, glancing at his sister.


“Yet you show him the memories. You could’ve simply given him what he wants and it would all be over. You showed him the memories for a reason. Tell me, Brother. Just trust me” Umar says, flashing a fake smile.


Dormammu sighs. He didn’t trust his sister but if he planned to work, he would need for her to know. “He has….a shocking amount of potential. Interestingly enough that the Sorcerer Supreme took a liking to him. I believe showing him his memories would give him the illusion that I’m an ally.”


“Yet you show an edited version of the memories rather than the truth. Because there is something in them that might ruin your plan…something which is why you’re so lenient with him” Umar responded quickly.


“Fine. It’s better I show you rather than telling you” Dormammu said as he weaved an illusion of sorts through his powerful magical prowess. The illusions would show events as they truly happened.




Dormammu and Umar stand in the room which Magnus’s mother, Sarah, had been in when she was drawing the ritual circle. The room was different from when Magnus viewed it. It contained several bounded fields which would hide the runes on the wall. However, as a basic Grimstone mage would be able to detect them, she had an outer bounded field that would shock anyone who wasn’t whitelisted to enter.


Boom. The door slammed open with a ton of force as the Grimstone mages entered. The first one to enter gets shocked with a bolt of lightning which contains a single year of stored mana from Sarah -electrocuting him to death. The runes glew eerily from the death of a reasonably powerful mage.


“I see now. The runes on the wall make it so that the mage’s soul becomes fuel for the ritual. However based on these runes….for the ritual to start more will be needed as it doesn’t put any limits on the demon being summoned such as not being able to leave the circle” Umar says as with her prowess of the mystical arts, decoding the intent of rituals and spells was child play.


The mages had gone outside the room and took down the lightning bounded field. They were too pissed off to realize the other bounded fields. They came in and were about to smite her with all kinds of magic before someone suggested an idea. “Using our magic on her suggests that we see her as an adversary. But she’s below that of course being a Griswold. By using weapons, we’re not recognizing her as an enemy but a mere animal for slaughter.”


The others agreed to the idea and took turns stabbing her. Shink. The first dagger was stabbed into her body. It tore through her flesh much like how a butter knife goes through melted butter. The first dagger was in her kidney. Gurgle.  Blood splatters out of her mouth as she wheezes. Shink. Gurgle.  A never-ending process of her being stabbed.


“To think a mage could be so pathetic….” Umar said, looking down on Sarah in disdain and disgust. Something peculiar happened when a knife stabbed into Sarah. Her form began flickering in and out much like a hologram. “Wait. Is she a…” She asked.


Dormammu nodded as Sarah muttered. “Not Yet” to herself over and over.


One of the mages smiles as they hold a  dagger. “I told you it’s more fun to gut a cow rather than slam fireballs” He said in an arrogant tone. Sarah gasped as she awkwardly stood up. She had dropped down to the floor. Thud. She held onto a chandler on a wall and fell back on the floor. Thud. She decided to crawl on the floor and held on to the pants of one of the mages and uttered out a single word. “No”


The mages look at her in pity. “Get the hell off me, vermin!” A mage said as he kicked her off with enough force to send her careening into a wall. Crunch. Her arm had been broken as she began to chuckle. Her wounds began to drip normally once more, Sarah put her bloody, broken arm in the air and watched as three drops of blood landed on the floor.


Umar gasped. “So that was the plan. I wonder how she plans to control the demon that she’ll summon”


Dormammu was eerily silent out of embarrassment but knew his sister would notice if he edited anything about the memory. “Wait…. She’s sitting on a damn ritual circle!” One of the mages said as their jaw dropped in shock. “But how did she know that she would get kicked to the wall….Numerology!” 


“I summon you. Please, listen to my prayers. I offer up my entire soul to you. J-just save my son. Protect him. Aesha” Burning flames of incredible dark magic swirled around her. All the candles around the room lit up in a blazing glory before combining into one giant entity. Dormammu.


Memory Dormammu had frozen things to a halt. A fly that had been swirling around stopped. A mage that had been casting a fireball frozen -mid incantation. Only Dormammu and Sarah could talk and move. He looked at her in disdain. 


“You, poor fool. You didn’t add any regulation or limits to my summoning. I must thank you for introducing me to this new universe to conquer” Memory Dormammu said as he began to cackle.


Sarah smiles back. “ No. Aesha. I made sure to add something to hold you back” She says as a ring flew off her finger and enlarged to bind Dormammu. He struggles against the ring as he attempts to use his astounding physical prowess to break through it. When that didn’t work, he then attempted to destroy the ring with his powerful flames to no avail. “Woman! What have you done!”


Umar attempts to hide in her laughter by covering her mouth with her hand. “You….got….imprisoned by….a mortal woman…so easily!” With each break in a speech a time for her to hold in her laughter.


Dormammu is flustered. “In my defense…” He begins to wait for the memory to explain it.


Sarah chuckled. “Surely you remember this ring. For this is the Ring of Solomon! Capable of binding even the most powerful of evil beings under one’s control. The same ring used by Solomon to bind you years ago”


I am not Asmodeus. I am far stronger than the little demon!” Dormammu boasted proudly of his power.


Sarah gets an idea. “Prove it!” She says with her hands on her hips. “Prove that you’re stronger by fulfilling this contract. I can understand if you need time to read it. I can just summon the more powerful one -Aesha.”


In a fit of damaged pride, Dormammu sped through the contract and signed it. After he had signed it, he read through the whole thing in its entirety and realized what he had done. “You foul woman! You have deceived me!”


“She even managed to deceive you, brother. We will need to work on that after this” Umar said as she barely held in laughter.


The contract made it so that Dormammu would have to grant a fraction of his power to Magnus and would have to make it so that he could survive anything. Due to a loophole in the phrasing -it was almost anything making it Supernatural Survivability. “Just one thing. Your trade was me giving gifts to your son for a soul. I don’t see a soul in you. Rather it is a hand-made soul…..you’re not human are you”


Sarah gulps as she stares down at the floor. “No. I’m not a human nor a being that was born. I was created by Magnus Griswold to act as his parents”


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