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Rebirth: The Beginning: Chapter 1

 Chapter 1

  The gentle mist of rain poured down on The Garden, creating a wet, messy and soggy ground underneath everyone’s feet. But everyone just keeps walking around, going about their day.

  Onta—who was standing dead-center in a crowd—looks at a piece of paper. It reads:

  “Amythest Casino is now open 24/7! Come gamble your heart away!

  Onta sighs, thinking. A Casino? He thinks. Who would leave a Casino open every day? I should probably figure out who’s behind this.

  And with that, he walks over to a gigantic Casino, flashing lights all around. He entered the building, looking around and seeing a ton of people playing Slot Machines, Roulette, Blackjack or other Gambling Games.

  This place sure is busy. Onta though,shaking his head. Hopefully I’ll find the owner.

  He walks around the entire Casino, eventually coming across something..odd.

  A ton of people were sitting around a table, with a Fox-like human sitting at the head of it. He was rolling some dice, watching as one of the people immediately died off, while others just left with nothing.

  Onta blinks, confused. Why were people just walking away with no chips? And why was a person suddenly dropping dead?

  He walks over to the table, looking right at the Fox-like human. “Uh..who are you?” He asked.

  “I’m Astéri, the fourth Fox God incarnation, God of Life, Death, The Afterlife, The Stars and Luck and owner of Amythest Casino.” The Fox-like human spoke, rolling a die between his fingers as he looked at Onta. “May I ask who you are?”

  Onta gulps. “I’m Onta..Kraken and Fishmonger.” He spoke. “Why..did you kill a person… did you do it?..”

  “I have a lot of Powers..Powers that’ll make your jaw drop.” Astéri explains with a smirk, looking right into Onta’s eyes. “Why don’t you sit down? I’ll tell you everything you need to know.”

  Onta sits down, listening.

  Astéri takes a deep breath, still smirking. “I have Retroactive Immortality, Vulpes Physiology, Resurrection, Pyschic Immunity, Life Manipulation, Life Inducement, Life Creation, Life-Force Manipulation, Life-Force Generation, Life-Force Solidification, Life-Force Constructs, Life-Force Aura, Life-Force Attacks, Life-Force Combat, Life-Force Healing, Life-Force Absorption, Life-Force Empowerment, Psychic Life-Force Manipulation, Life Electricity Manipulation, Life Smoke Manipulation, Life Water Manipulation, Life Magic, Life Embodiment, Death Manipulation, Death Inducement, Death Recreation, Death Sense, Death-Force Manipulation, Death-Force Generation, Death-Force Solidification, Death-Force Constructs, Death-Force Aura, Death-Force Attacks, Death-Force Combat, Death-Force Absorption, Death-Force Empowerment, Psychic Death-Force Manipulation, Death Fire Manipulation, Death Darkness Manipulation, Death Metal Manipulation, Death Magic, Death Embodiment, Afterlife Judgement, Afterlife Embodiment, Afterlife Border, Afterlife Traveling, Afterlife Transport, Afterlife Prevention, Spiritual Force Manipulation, Spiritual Healing, Soul Energy Attacks, Spiritual Combat, Soul Energy Generation, Soul Energy Constructs, Soul Energy Solidification, Soul Energy Absorption, Soul Reading, Soul Healing, Soul Summoning, Spiritual Aura, Spirit Magic, Spiritual Ice Manipulation, Spiritual Light Manipulation, Spiritual Air Manipulation, Spiritual Teleportation, Stellar Manipulation, Pyschic Stellar Manipulation, Stellar Generation, Stellar Solidification, Stellar Constructs, Stellar Magic, Stellar Healing, Stellar Immunity, Star Creation, Star Destruction, Star Fall, Stellar Energy Manipulation, Stellar Energy Absorption, Stellar Aura, Stellar Empowerment, Stellar Embodiment, Luck Manipulation, Luck Bestowal, Luck Absorption, Luck Erasure, Luck Field Creation, Jinx Manipulation, Jinx, Jinx Absorption, Jinx Detection, Gold Manipulation, Gold Generation, Gold Constructs, Gold Attacks, Chrysokinetic Combat, Gold Dust Manipulation, Chrysopoeia, Coin Manipulation, Coin Generation, Coin Constructs, Coin Attacks, Dice Manipulation, Dice Creation, Dice Attacks, Die Rolling, Card Manipulation, Card Generation, Card Constructs, Cartomancy, Card Combat, Card Attacks, Card Magic, Chess Manipulation, Abstract Strategy Game Intuition, Gemstone Manipulation, Gemstone Generation, Gemstone Detection, Gemstone Attacks, Diamond Manipulation, Diamond Generation, Diamond Constructs, Diamond Aura, Diamond Attacks, Diamond Combat, Supernatural Gambling, Game Intuition and Banishment.” He explains clearly. “But it can be summarized up to just Life, Death and more Powers.”

  Onta’s jaw dropped. “That…many?” He asked.

  “Yes, that many.” Astéri repeats. “And I’ve mastered them myself.”

  Onta blinks. “I..don’t have that many..” He sighs.

  “Then what Powers do you have?” Astéri asked.

  Onta gulps again. “I have Kraken Physiology, Human Disguise, Ocean Manipulation, Ocean Embodiment , Ocean Communication, Ocean Magic, Grappling Proficiency and Hook Proficiency…” He states.

  “Interesting..” Astéri hums. “Have you mastered them yet?”

  Onta shakes his head. “I barely use them…I’m afraid that I’ll destroy The Garden of Avalon if I use it to its full power level.”

  “I see.” Astéri hums. “I’m sure you’ll get over that fear one day.”

  Onta nods. “So, you own this Casino?..”

  “Yes.” Astéri smiles.

  Onta thinks. “And you have?”

  “A lot.” Astéri smiles more. “Force-Shock, Midas Blast, Star Shower, Death-Stars, Life-Stars, Magic-Force, Roll of Fate, Coin Launch, Card-Wave, Gemstone Rainstorm, Cards Of Foretell, Chess-Wish, Second Chance, Live-Die, Spirit-Ments Beam, Death-Ments Shock, Life-Ments Wave and Grim Reaper Induce..just to name a few.”

  Onta hums. “That’s…interesting.”

  “It sure is.” Astéri thinks. “Onta..what brings you here?”

  Onta pauses, thinking. “Because..I’m wondering why you’re leaving this Casino open 24/7..”

  “I see..” Astéri hums. “Well, it’s best if I leave it open to keep income coming in.”

  Onta raises an eyebrow. “But you’re a God..Gods don’t need they?”

  “Yes, they do.” Astéri sighs. “We’re not as powerful as like..Them…so we still need to make an income for a living.”

  Onta froze at the mention of Them. He didn’t really like it when someone brought up his creator, but he managed to calm himself down, taking a deep breath and sighing slowly. “Why did you bring up..Them?”

  “Because Them’s also my creator..and although I still respect Them..I don’t know why Them tried do I say this?” Astéri thinks. “Them..tends to shove down responsibility into everything and everyone’s throats..if you get what I’m saying..”

  Onta just nods. “I..understand.”

  “..Would you like to play a game?” Astéri asked with a smirk.

  Onta slowly nods.

  Astéri smirks even more. “Well get ready..because this one’s gonna be very risky.”

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