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Djall’s Home

Djall wasn’t very liked by the other gods, his existence having brought upon a sensation disliked by them. Thus, he decided to create his own home, one where he could be at peace.

Where do you think the God of Pain would be at home? The fiery pits of a volcano? The torturous depths of Hell? Whatever you are thinking, you are wrong. His realm is one of beauty, with grassy plains, rolling hills, and forests with trees that reach to the sky make up this realm. There is a singular cottage within the center of this dimension, where he resides. He calls this realm the Fields of Agony, so as to deter anyone from disturbing him, a result of the isolation he faced by both life and the gods.

When one walks inside the cottage, they will find the necessities for a beautiful home. However, there is also a basement entrance at the back of the cottage, which when opened, reveal a long staircase spiraling twenty feet down. Once in the basement, one will find nothing except for a strange, demonic, pedestal, with an orb hovering above it. This orb glows blood red, with low whispers coming from it. This is the Odynic Orb, and only Djall can use it safely.

To use it, he places both hands onto the orb, and is instantly hit with a major sensation. This sensation being pain, of course, the pain of every single being in existence. He can feel not only physical pain, but also emotional and mental pain. He knows exactly whatever one individual is feeling, and why they are feeling it. However, the greatest feature of this orb is that he can control the intensity of these feelings, choosing who feels more or less pain, as well as calming or making events worse if they involve that pain.

Should this orb ever be destroyed, it would let loose a cataclysmic wave of agony and destruction, capable of killing gods. This is the reason as to why he pays so much attention to the orb, making sure it is safe and unharmed, protecting all of existence from a horrible fate.

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