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Djall – God of Pain

Pain. Something nearly everyone in the world views as being terrible, something that people have been trying to learn to get rid of for years and years. However, these people don’t seem to understand the necessity that pain fulfills. One man understands this more than anyone, more than anything.

This man, is Djall. The God of Pain, the Zenith of Suffering. Towering above mortals with his intimidating stature and equally terrifying gaze, and yet, he wants nothing more than to help them.

He came into being long ago, when life first began to thrive and evolve from simple bacteria and developed a nervous system. One of these creatures had injured themselves, and rather than continue moving, uncaring for the damage it had received, it flinched. The very moment this creature had torn its flesh, Djall’s immortal life began. He made sure the creature felt the damage, making sure it stayed away from whatever had hurt it.

All the other creatures in this existence felt the same sensation once injured, and contrary to what one might think, this only helped them thrive. They evolved, protected by the knowledge of what can hurt them. Djall watched as life developed, happy that he could help them in his own way. However, nothing good lasts forever. Life began to look at Djall and the pain he brings as a curse, something to be viewed as unnecessary. With the loss of lifes happiness and love towards him, he became more distant from everyone, including other gods.

He is no fool, however, and knew that pain was necessary life to continue on the path it was going. So he stayed in the background, making sure pain could not be forgotten and discarded.

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‘Tis a mighty fine narrative you’ve created.
3 years ago