World Building


No one can certainly say that we, humans, are the only organisms with highest technology and intelligence. In this world, co existing with us, are creatures hidden from our eyes living normal lives with us. Some more obviously unusual while others blending in with us. Some heard of as folklore like fairies, mermaids and dragons and others hidden so well, no one could have imagined them.
Among these groups containing human characteristics and traits, a new species is born while mingling with the average public unbeknownst to them. As technology becomes advanced, blending in for the parahumans becomes harder and they go into hiding. The remaining mutated species live their lives confused amongst people either shunned for being strange or highly praised for being unique. Their identity remains unknown to them until their hidden reality comes to surface in the form of ‘powers’, usually around puberty.This will be a story of how a community will be formed and how these “mutated para humans” will take back their identity and rise to stand beside humans. Beginning the development of our world from a group of 20 something women forming their first community under the guise of a sorority.


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Hi. I came to this website to breathe some life into my childhood dream haha. I hope you enjoy my magical dolls with me.

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