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  • Full name: Megan McGraw
  • Nickname: Meg/Maggie
  • Age/Sex: 24 F.
  • Height: 5ft. 5 inch
  • Weight: 57 kg

Physical description:-
Megan has light brown eyes hidden behind thick black framed glasses and long dark brown hair which she always keeps in a high ponytail with strands of a few ‘loose’ hair falling to frame her face. She has a very fair complexion due to staying indoors for too long. Her appearance is always well-kept and proper. Short nails, shiny straight hair, waxed limbs and neatly shaped eyebrows. She mostly wears a buttoned up lab coat while working but at home, she casually sports a long sleeved plain white t-shirt with a pink crop top and bell bottom jeans. She always has a pink ribboned choker around her neck, a gift from her mother.
Others describe her fashion as outdated and boring but Megan believes in efficiency and comfort over style, however, she still puts in some effort as evidenced by the pink crop tops on top of plain t shirts and random statement belts paired with bell bottoms.
Physically, she is described as an average but attractive young woman by her colleagues. Her exceptional talents play a bigger role in the way people view her than her beauty.

Personality and talents:-
Megan is a calm, well mannered and mature person. She has a tendency to get excited over experimental success but managed to compose herself quickly. She is gifted with a photogenic memory and high intelligence inherited from her father. Her hardworking personality makes her not only academically gifted but also a young prodigy to oversee research and experiments. She is a keen learner and tries her best at every subject she is interested in which resulted in her speaking 5 languages fluently and extensive knowledge in departments apart from her major as well.
Despite her calm and mature demeanor, Megan possesses deep seated jealousy and is competitive in nature. She can be petty towards a person she deems annoying, even if they unintentionally provoked her. Her unshaken confidence and pride often leads to her collapsing as she refuses to take any sort of help. She often appears cold and intimidating to others so is left alone to work despite her longing to work in a group.

Mother: died due to an accident when Megan was in high school. Megan was extremely close with her mother, she felt that her mother was the only one to completely understand her. Her death affected Megan tremendously, leading her to be reserved around people and wary of intimacy
Father: Megan’s father is mostly absent. Despite being highly intelligent, her father ended up at a lower position in a company and was unable to use his talents leading to a financially unstable home. She blames him for her mother’s death since they were unable to afford a longer hospital stay. She still wishes for her father to notice her and speak to her.
siblings: none
Zoey: Megan met Zoey in highschool and knew something was unusual about her. They didn’t interact until much later. Megan introduced Zoey to the concept of a sorority house, to welcome those like them. She often bickers with Zoey due to opposing beliefs and clashing personalities but also trusts her the most. Although subtle, Megan shows signs of insecurity and deeply rooted jealousy towards Zoey and often rebukes her.
Rest of the group: Megan is mostly reserved and prefers to stay within the same boundaries around everyone. However, the girls slowly get her to open up. Megan has a soft spot for many of the quiet and misunderstood ones like Nancy and Jenny.
Colleagues: To Megan, they are good work partners and that is all. Her co workers describe her as an efficient partner.

– Romantic relationships: On the surface, Megan appears to be asexual earning her the nickname ‘The Nun’ but she is just that good at poker face. Megan has a huge crush on a colleague which she refuses to accept. She was in a relationship in high school which ended after Megan realised her boyfriend was only dating her to get better grades.

Most female parahumans exhibit symptoms and come to realisation about their identity the moment they get their first period but for Megan, she already had her suspicions for her father and her not being ‘normal’ enough, she discovered her powers at the age of 20 after accidentally putting herself in a time loop after a particularly stressful week. She has since been trying to practice and revive her magic but to no avail.
Hobbies: Megan is a busybody, constantly hopping from universities to labs but she enjoys spending time all by herself during breaks. She likes going to cinemas alone, jogging (and meeting cute guys along the way) and singing quietly to herself as she gets done with common house chores. She started to socialise more as the girls forced her to attend more parties and sleepovers and despite her refusing every invitation, she manages to come and appears to enjoy herself too.
Her favourite food is freshly baked croissant from a nearby bakery. Her favourite beverage is hot tea with 1 TSP of sugar syrup.
She enjoys working with classical music in background but was once found by June, humming to a 5SOS song.

This was my first character sheet. The story and characters are cliche but I still hope they were fun to read. I haven’t included a lot of details like background info etc. Because that can get covered in the story. Megan was the first character I came up with in middle school, and as embarrassing as it is to admit but I used myself as an inspiration for her character back then. Over the years, I imagined her differently. Now, the character of Megan is loosely inspired by my super smart friend.

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