The Six Horsemen of The Abyss – The Abyss Prophecy

The Abyss Prophecy (Translated from sacred text to restored English)

An unfathomable amount of power and energy will be burdened upon Gaea’s green Earth. The energy will go through the trial and error phase quite slowly, until it meets it’s true suitor. The children given the abilities to raise the world and drop it into the void will be the ones born into bad blood. They won’t know of the true power they have; but once they find out it will be their birthright to restore the energy that was taken from Chaos, the primal feature of the universe.  If they complete their task before they die they will be able keep their power and become Ekpliró’s, having eternal rest and complete freedom to do as they please. This prophecy is meant to be fulfilled, no one will be able to stop it.

Signed the destiny creators,

The Vamménoi

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