(Okay I need something to be known, Noah is a werewolf but in my history baby werewolf’s ears are entirely magic so they can’t feel if they are tugged on, touched, etc. The Diamos clan (Noah’s Clan) has a ritual then preform on children 3 months after birth where they use magic on the child and if it is a success the child is perfect if not the child stays until they learn magic. Noah’s parents hated him from the moment he was born due to wanting a girl and they lied to get rid of him, He was deemed weak and at the age of just 7 he was thrown into the forest alone, cold, and tired. but one day at the age of 14 he managed to find a something when exploring a cave…A diamond? No, this diamond was different it was practically glowing with magic…one small touch and BOOM next thing he knows he’s unconscious with no diamond in sight, 4 hours later he was found by another Beast kin by the name of Ein who took him in and trained him with another younger boy named Oliver. And he was turned human, but the Diamond gave him the abilities of being a beast kin minus the ears and tail.

Name: Noah

Alias: The Rejected One

Alignment: True Good

Appearance: (No Horns, Eyes are a dark blue)

See the source image

Species: Werewolf (Formerly)/ Human

Age: 15

Personality: Apathetic, Sarcastic, Manipulative, Chill, Calm, Levelheaded, Slightly Apathetic

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Bi-Sexual

Pronouns: His/He/Him

Occupation: Student

Weapon/Paraphernalia: None


Magical Energy Manipulation

Magical Constructs

Magical Teleportation

Magically Enhanced Physiology

Extrasensory Perception

Magic Detection

Magic Reflection

Magical Energy Absorption

Magical Regeneration

Force-Field Generation


Magic Attacks

Magic Combat

Predator Instinct

Contaminant Immunity

Enhanced Body

Enhanced Agility

Enhanced Durability

Enhanced Strength

Enhanced Speed

Enhanced Stamina

Enhanced Endurance

Enhanced Reflexes

Enhanced Senses

Enhanced Smell

Enhanced Hearing

Night Vision

Natural Weaponry

Temperature Regulation

Magic Cloning


Fighting Instinct

Escape Artistry


Pain Suppression


Predator Instinct


Chemical Intuition

Magic Intuition

Survival Intuition

Danger Intuition

Hunting Intuition


Karate Intuition

Mystical Arts

Judo Intuition

Grand: (Okay, For this I need you to follow me on this His gran involes transformation but it has stages)

Stage 1:

See the source image

Stage 2:

See the source image

Stage 3:

See the source image

Stage 4:

Image result for blue werewolf

(Okay so for this part HE DOES NOT TURN INTO A WEREWOLF, he summons the upper half of one and uses its arms, head, and teeth to fight)


(Diamond Rain) (“Maybe this’ll put you down”): A move where with just a snap of his fingers millions to trillions of small but sharp diamond shards fall toward the enemy at high speeds

Image result for magic attack gif

(Snack Time) (*Whistle*): A move where all he has to do is whistle to summon a ice or diamond dragon that explodes on impact

Image result for ice jutsu gif

(Crusher) (“Ya feel that?”): A move where he summons the arm and hand of his astral werewolf where he will then proceed to make the hand grab the enemy and crush them

(Appearance of Arm, Arm is blue)

Image result for sasuke susanoo grab

(Boost) (“Hmmm”): He hones his power increasing his attacks both physical and magical

See the source image

(Lightning Palm) (“Right in your chest”): A move where he gathers electricity into his hands and pierces his enemy while shocking them

See the source image

(Refraction Fist) (“Bye”): A move where he gathers a large amount of magic into his fist sending a punch to his enemy’s stomach before saying (“Refraction”) and the enemy is sent flying

Image result for anime power up gif

Tag Combos:

(“You ready Noah?”)

(“Yes Sir!”)



Dark Magic

Ein and Oliver

His disliking for other Beast kin

Backstory: (Read what is up top please and thank you!)

Extra Info/Feats:

He is currently 15

Oliver is 14

Ein is 20

Noah is kind of flexible

He likes Hamsters

Drop kicked a Angel…twice

Uppercutted an Archangel

Choke slammed a Neph

Broke open jail cell bars with his hands

Is good at Basketball

He sometimes visits hell for ingredients

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