Science Teacher

Name: Conner Melonis

Nicknames: Mr. C, Mr. M, Mr. Mel, Con, Sweetheart

Alias: D-Hopper (Dimension Hopper)

Age: 21


Date of Birth: ???

Sex: Male

Pronouns: He/Him/His

Nationality/Birthplace: Was born in New York, Which is now Sector B-98

Weight: Approximate weight. Is this below average, average, or above average for their class?

Height: 6’0

Body Type/Build: Skinny but does have some muscle

Eye color: Amber

IQ: 301


Shuriken (x8)

See the source image

Dimension Watch

Image result for watch concept art


See the source image


See the source image


See the source image


See the source image

Flash Bang

Image result for flash bang concept art

Smoke Grenade

See the source image

E-Tool (Okay so an E-Tool is similar to the Ninja Gauntlet in Boruto, cept instead of using scrolls it uses infinite energy, but does require hand signs)

Image result for kote boruto


Dimension travel

Peak Human Condition, Mind, and Body

Short Range teleportation

Combat Perception

Body Language Analysis

Maximum Brain Capacity

Pain Suppression


Accelerated Perception

Near-Inhuman Reflexes

Near Inhuman Agility

Near-Inhuman Speed

Peak Human Strength

Adoptive Muscle Memory

Indomitable Will

Radiation Immunity

Healing Factor (Type I normally but with his Gadgets Type II)

Fear Masking

Near-Enhanced Mind

Enhanced Inventing

Super Science

Portal Creation

Tactical Analysis

Enhanced Combat



Medical Intuition

Survival intuition

Martial Arts Intuition

Sweet Talker


Photographic Memory

Machine Intuition

Medical and Lab weaponry proficiency

Chemical Intuition

Mineral Intuition

Science Intuition

Advanced Technology

Drug Intuition

Karate Intuition

Aikido Intuition

Capoeira Intuition

Iaido Intuition

Jujutsu Intuition

Krav Maga Intuition



His students

His Wife

Is human and can be killed

Emp’s can mess up his tech


Talents: Greek, he forced himself to learn it after losing a bet with a friend and he is really good at using guns


Bad Habits: Overthinking and Smoking

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