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Demons In New York: Chapter 2

Chapter 2


” I can’t believe we have to clean up other people’s messes!” Web—the Brooklyn-accented male with bull-like horns on the sides of his head—muttered aloud. “They should clean it up! Not us, them!”

Veevee, the Black British woman who was deaf in both ears, rolled her eyes directly at Web. Like any New Yorkers would even listen to us, let alone care. She signed using ASL. We’d more likely end up being arrested for it.

Web sighed, facing Veevee. “But we can’t keep doing this.” He said, his words slow enough for Veevee to read his lips. “We even have a rule stating that the customers clean their own mess up!”

“But do you really think they’ll actually listen to and follow those rules?” Karmin questioned, blindly tightening up the bloody bandage that was over his eyes. “They’re humans! They don’t care!”

Lola—the Half-Witch of the group—smiled cheerfully. She didn’t really add anything to the conversation, and instead just observed it all.

”I at least expect them to listen and follow them, Karmin!” Web snapper back, his yellow eyes glaring. “They literally follow the law, so why can’t they follow our rules?!”

Before the argument could escalate further, Hyku entered the Boxing Room, looking around.

”So, someone got knocked out, I heard?” Hyku hummed, smiling.

Web blinked. “Yes, but—…who told you that?” He questioned slightly, confused.

”Eli told me.” Hyku stated plainly.

Web blinked again. “Interesting..” He muttered under his breath. 

“Do you need help?..” Hyku asked.

Veevee looked at Hyku, nodding. We really need help with mopping. She signed. The boxing match that happened today left a mess around the area.

”I’ll at least wipe up the boxing ring.” Hyku replied.

Veevee, Karmin, Web and Lola all nodded. Then they and Hyku all mopped up the Boxing Room.

Hyku wiped down the boxing ring, slightly gagging from the reeking smell of blood. He kept wiping, trying not to pass out.

Unfortunately, he had severe Hemophobia. His phobia was as bad as the trauma that he had experienced years ago. And although it had been years after those disturbing experiences, he still had episodes of them.

Hyku sighed, then finished wiping the boxing ring before looking around, thinking.

Why do I feel so..sick? He thought, gagging again. My head’s spinning around like crazy..and I feel so..weak..

Hyku’s world began to spun as he leaned against the ground.

Web looked at Hyku. “You alright?” He asked.

Hyku didn’t answer, and instead blacked out as he whacked his head on the boxing ring.

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