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Connor Nexus

Name: Connor Nexus

Alias: The Human, Gifted-Human, The First Meta-Human, Speedy Jerk

Alignment: True Good


Species: Supernatural Human

Age: 22

Personality: Fiery, Talkative, Cocky, Willful, Stubborn, Blunt

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Omni-Sexual


Occupation: Bounty Hunter/Dragon Slayer

Bastard Silver Sword (In Pic)

Basic Abilities:
Sarcasm Intuition
Taunting Mastery
Potion Intuition
Poison Resistance

Supernatural Human Physiology:
Body Supremacy
Supernatural Condition
Supernatural Speed (II)
Supernatural Power Level
Raw Power
Regenerative Healing Factor (Enhanced)

Outmatched by those with an Absolute Condition.

Acceleration Immunity

May be negated by Speed Cancellation.

Users of Absolute Speed

Speed Theft

Vulnerable against Gravity Manipulation.

His resistance is strong but it doesn’t make him fully immune

His use of taunting and Sarcasm may anger his enemies in ways that may not benefit him

His healing factor can bring back lost limbs and or organs..but if his brain, heart or total body is given severe enough damage he will die

Backstory: N/A

Extra Info:
He is 5’9

He doesn’t work anyone other than who is paying him

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