Original Characters

Vial Spawn

Name: Ethan Milor (Trena)

Alias: The son of the Whore, Spawn of the devil, Vial beast, Demon, Blood-breath

Alignment: True Good—>True Neutral—>Chaotic Good


Eyes when bloodlusted: (THOUGH IT IS MAINLY HIS LEFT EYE)

Demon Eyes by Venjix5 on DeviantArt
Species: Cambi-Dhampir/Human Hybrid

Age: (Says to be in his early 20’s)

Personality: Willful, Talkative, Kind, Chill, Cautious, Cold

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Straight

Pronouns: His/He

Occupation: Monster Hunter


Dhampir Side:
Supernatural Agility
Enhanced Combat
Enhanced Durability (II)
Enhanced Endurance
Enhanced Senses
Blood Sense
Enhanced Speed (II)
Enhanced Stamina
Supernatural Strength (II)
Natural Weaponry
Claw retraction
Fang retraction
Cambion Side:
Natural Weaponry
Claw Retraction
Enhanced Bite
Fang Retraction
Horn Protrusion
Prehensile Tail
Supernatural Regenerative Healing Factor

His father has extreme amounts of verbal and telepathic control over him

Even the slightest scent of blood will set him off due to the fact he’s been holding off on feeding for 16 years

It doesn’t take much to keep him down when bloodlusted. Silver, gas, good old hands..he is still able to be harmed or knocked out

His extreme love for his comrades

His urge to keep his “human side” as not to make anyone else scared of him

Can be overpowered by angels and/or holy powers

Healing Factor Nullification/Irreversible Destruction

As said before he is still susceptible to SOME various forms of dealing with his sides. Higher Angelic/Holy power for the Cambion and Blessed Holy water or silver for the Dhampir

Backstory: N/A

Extra Info:
His mother was not known to him and even going to his father has yielded 0 results

It is unknown if his father truly loves him or not. His father has harmed and attempted to kill his friend many many many many times..but his father says it’s all for a reason

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