Original Characters


Name: Nath Croatia

Alias: Natty, Penance

Alignment: Chaotic Good


Species: Superior Human

Age: 27

Personality: Cold, Intimidating, Threatening, Somewhat caring, Respectful, Loving, Stubborn

Gender: Non-Binary

Sexuality: Pansexual

Pronouns: They/Them

Occupation: Officer for the NYCP

State Issued Taser and Fire-arm

Archetype:Police Officer:
Crimefighting Mastery
Criminology Mastery
Enhanced Investigation/Mystery Solving
Interrogation Mastery
Law Mastery

Superior Human Abilities:
Truth Inducement
Penance Stare
Fear Inducement
Confession Inducement
Guilt Inducement
Lie Detection
Truth Detection 

Their powers require that they look someone in the eye(s) for them to work

Damage to even just 1 of their eyes can hinder the functionality of their powers

Psychic Shield/Resistance

The blind are unaffected by the truth gaze

Those with Indomitable will can still manage to lie to them

Those who are truly pure and innocent are unaffected by their penance stare

Those with Apathy are immune to feeling guilt and fear are also immune to their confession inducement

Backstory: N/A

Extra Info:
They have a partner, who it is currently is unknown

They are 5’9

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