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Character Profiles: Hammer Jack aka Jack Barrick

As promised, here is the first of the character profiles. Enjoy!

Hero name: HammerJack
Real Name: Jack Barrick
Codename: Brick
Superpower: Super Strength. Limit can be increased through regular exercise and weight training.
Class = Biological
(His adrenal glands can overload upon an unconscious command, pumping adrenaline all throughout his body and making him stronger at the cost of burning through stamina. Its possible for him to become so strong his own punches have enough power to break his own arms)

Backstory: Grew up living with his mother, Margo Barrick, (Hero Name: Brick) who was a superhero (same power) until she gave birth. Life wasn’t much, other than the fact he did have a superpower, but it didn’t fully manifest until his 14 birthday. As he was so young, the power of super strength got to his head and by 16 he had accidentally killed someone. His best friend, who along with him, were within the Associations Young Heroes education program and his best friend Tyler Brochen (now the lighting hero Zap) was sent to bring him in. A fight ensued (13 hours long!) And both were battered. Jack retreated and became a villain with his girlfriend who followed him, Alice Vodil. (Wears the wedding ring she wore on a small necklace chain. It’s his most precious possession)

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